Research papers / publications of A. Lalithamba

1. Diversity of Macrophyte  species of the wetlands of Nellore district,
Andhra Pradesh, India. J. Indian. Bot. Soc. Vol.90 (3&4) 2011:207-215

2. A chapter- Identification manual for
some species of the genus Phyllanthus L. of Phyllanthaceae with special
reference to Indian subcontinent, in the book “Phyllanthus Species –Scientific
evaluation and Medicinal Applications”- Edited by Prof.  Ramadasan Kuttan, and K.B.Hari Kumar. (Traditional
Herbal Medicine for Modern Times; V.10) ISBN: 9781439821442; Published by CRC
Press -Taylor and Francis Group, 6000 Broken Sound Park way,  NW,  Suite
300; Boca Raton, FL33487-2742; U.S.A.

3. A Study of the Mangroves of the Pennar
Estuary J.Indian.Bot.Soc. Vol.92(1&2)2013:69-76

4. The new distributional record
of Phyllanthus scabrifolius Hook. f., (Phyllanthaceae) from
Velugonda hills of Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh, India.  J. Indian. Bot.  Soc.  Vol.  93
(3&4) 2014.

5. Now working on a Major Research Project
financed by UGC on developing digitized database on Floristic resources of
Velugonda hills of Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh.

Few photographs (about 120) are seen in
Wikipedia, Field guide Flowering trees; 
Common dryland trees of Karnataka published by ATREE (Ashoka trust for
Environment and Ecology)

I maintain 3 blogs on information on plants, to
popularize science



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    Ma’m Your tremendous work in forest areas Is

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  2. K.R.K.Rao Article Author

    Ma’m,your tremendous work in forest areas is commendable. Get going with your trusted interest.
    Pl.send your mobile number(WhatsApp)
    Krk Vanasthalipuram Hyd