Garg, J. M., Dinesh Valke and Max Overton. “A User Driven Learning Environment in Botany.” Chapter under User-Driven Healthcare and Narrative Medicine: Utilizing Collaborative Social Networks and Technologies. IGI Global, 2011. 255-275. doi:10.4018/978-1-60960-097-6.ch019
Abstract– This chapter introduces the reader to a sample ‘User driven learning environment’ created in an online community with a special interest centered on trees and plants. It traces the development of an online learning community through the lived experiences and thoughts of its founding members and also includes conversational learning experiences of other users to illustrate the process of ‘user driven learning’ in online communities. It illustrates innovative sense making methodologies utilized by group members to create a more meaningful ‘User driven learning environment’ while simultaneously contributing in a positive way to create information resources at no cost along with creating awareness & scientific temper among members.