Research Publication Papers/Reports/Books of Dr. Vinod Devidas Devarkar


Research Books Published


Bhogaonkar P. Y. & Devarkar V. D. 1999. Addition to the Flora of Melghat (Some rare and uncommon plants) Technical Bulletin No. VII Publisher: –
Directorate Project Tiger Melghat, Amravati, Maharashtra.

V. D.
2012. Pollen Diversity
of Osmanabad District (India)
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG,
Saarbrücken, Germany (
ISBN: 9783847342557)

Research Papers Published (In National &
International Journals)


1)      Bhogaonkar P. Y. and Devarkar V. D. 2001 Studies in Ethnobotany of Melghat (Amravati Dist.
Amravati) I Antisterility Drugs in BRI’S Journ. Adv. Sc. Tech. 4 (I&II)
June- Dec 2001, 63-66.

2)      Bhogaonkar P. Y .& 
Devarkar V. D.
2001. Studies in Ethnobotany of Korkus of Melghat (Amravati
District) II Drugs for Urino-genital Disorders BRI’S Journ. Adv. Sci. Tech. 4
(I & II) June-Dec 2001 67-68.

3)      Bhogaonkar P. Y. & Devarkar V. D. 2002. Some Unique Ethnomedicinal Plants of Korkus of Melghat
Tiger Reserve (Maharashtra) J. Soc. Ethnobotany Vol. 14, 16-19.

4)      Bhogaonkar P. Y. & Devarkar V. D. 2002 Pharmacognostic Studies in Some Asteraceous Ethnomedicinal
Plants of Korkus of Melghat, Dist. Amravati (M.S.) BRI’S Journ. Adv. Sc. Tech 5
(I & II) June-Dec 2002, 28-32.

5)      Bhogaonkar P. Y. & Devarkar V. D. 2006 Pharmacognostic Studies on Padmacarini.  in Aryavaidyan Vol. XX, No. 2, 06-07, pp 74 –
79. (

6)      Bhogaonkar P. Y. Devarkar V. D. 2008. Some Ethnomedicinally Important New Plant Reports from
Melghat. J. Econ. Taxon.Bot. 2008, 32(Supl), 214-15.                                (        

7)      Devarkar V. D. 2010. Plants of Great Medicinal Value from KorkuEthnomedicine.
In Bioscience Discovery, August, 2010,1(1):21–25. (

8)      Devarkar V. D., Marathe V. R. and Chavan D. P. 2011.
Dietary & Medicinal
Significance of Wild Vegetables from Osmanabad region, Maharashtra.In
Lifesciences Leaflets.January 2011, 11:317-332. (

9)      Devarkar V. D. & M. P. Joshi. 2011. Phytosociological studies of Bodhghat area Dist.
Dantewada with reference to Importance Value Index (IVI). In Bionano Frontier
(Special Issue-NCRNAIIAT) January, 2011, (22-23):53-57.(

V. D. & M. P. Joshi. 2011. Study
of Change in Air Quality at the Merck Ltd., Goa (India) Due to expansion of
Pharmaceutical Unit. In Bioscience Discovery. January, 2(1):21-28. (

11)  Devarkar V. D. 2011. Management of Stress for Better Work Efficiency. In Academe.
January 2011, XIV(1): 50-54. (

12)  Devarkar V. D. 2011. Study of Allergenic Pollens from Ethnobotanically Important
Plants from Osmanabad District.In Lifesciences Leaflets.March 2011, 13: 427
-434. (

13)  Devarkar V. D. 2011. Baseline Inventory for Angiospermic Pollen Diversity in
Osmanabad District (MS) India. In Bioscience Discovery, August,

14)  Bhogaonkar P. Y. & Devarkar V. D. 2011. Pharmacognostical and Ethnobotanical Investigations on
Endangered species Iphigenia magnifica Ansari and Rolla Rao.  Plant Sciences Feed 2011,1(7):93-100. (

15)  Bhogaonkar P. Y. &Devarkar V. D. 2012. Ethnomedicinal Plants Used in Skin Treatment by Korkus of
Melghat Dist. Amravati (MS) India.In Lifesciences Leaflets. February  2012, LSIC2011: 178 -191. (

16)  Devarkar V. D., Mane P. S. and Aswale S. N. 2012. Review of Ancient Indian Botanical Literature for Better Health and Clean
Environment- A Basic Human Right. In
Pacific Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship Research (APJMER) March,
2012. 1(1): 73-81. (

17)  Bhogaonkar P. Y., Devarkar V. D. and Lande S. K. 2012. Physical Characterization of Costusspeciosus (Koenig Ex Retz.) Smith – A well Known Ayurvedic
Drug Plant in Life Sciences Leaflets 2012,11: 01-09. (

18)  Devarkar V. D. and Bhogaonkar P. Y. 2014. Phytochemical studies on
unexplored ethnovegetables from Melghat in Life Sciences Leaflets 48 (2014),
23-31. (


Research Papers Published (In
Proceedings / Souvenirs)

Biradar SR, Dhole RG, Jadhav BP & Devarkar VD. 2010. Handling Difficult People for Better Administration.In the
souvenir of National symposium on Role of Administrative staff in Enhancement
of Quality education & research held on 29-30, March

Research Articles Published
(In Books)

1.      Bhogaonkar P. Y. & Devarkar V. D. 2004 Korkus of Melghat (Distt. Amravati, Maharashtra State)- A
Cultural Study
in Focus on
Sacred Groves &Ethnobotany
Dr. V. D. Vartak et al
(Author), Dr. V. Ghate (Editor), Dr.H. Sane & Dr. S. Ranade (Editor)
(Proceeding of the National seminar on Ethnobotany &
sacred groves: “Role in Conservation Strategy for India
2004, 155-161. (ISBN:

2.      Bhogaonkar P. Y. & Devarkar V. D. 2007 Korku Uses of Some Lesser Known Monocotyledonous
Ethnomedicinal Plants of Melghat (Dist. Amravati.)
Ed. M. Daniel, ArunArya, V. M. Raole. In Herbal Technology: Recent
Trends & Progress
Published by Scientific Publishers (India) pp 31-36
(ISBN: 978-8172334796).

P. Y. & Devarkar V. D.
2008. Some ethnomedicinally
important new reports from Melghat
in Phytotherapeutic Wisdom of Indian Rural Aboriginals by V.
Singh by Scientific Publishers (India) Article No. 33 (ISBN :

4.      Bhogaonkar P. Y. & Devarkar V. D. 2011. Ethnomedicinal Plants Used in Skin Treatment by Korkus of
Melghat Dist. Amravati (MS), India
in Abstract book
as Abstract by R.B.S.A. Publishers, 340, S.M.S. High way, Jaipur, 302003, India
(ISBN: 978-8176115339)