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Seminar (Presented/published):


  1. Bhaskar Saikia, A. K. Das. Conservation of Rice
    germplasm In Assam, Page No. 9 presented at Ministry of environment and
    forest, Govt. Of India sponsored national seminar, 2006, organized by
    Internal Quality assurance cell, North Lakhimpur College, Assam, held
    between 28th -29
    th .

  2. Bhaskar Saikia,H.
    Tag. and A. K.Das. Ethnobotany of traditional rice varieties and other
    plants used for the preparation of traditional alcoholic beverage among
    the rural tai Ahom of north lakhimpur district(Assam), Presented at
    National Seminar obn Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge System,
    Sponsored by UGC, New Delhi . Organized by Centre with potential for
    excelence for biodeversity, rajiv gandhi University, held between 25th -26
    th october, 2006.

  3. Bhaskar Saikia, D. Ch.Chouidhury. and A. K. Das.
    BIOSYS: database on Higher plant diversity Of Arunachal pradesh, Presented
    at Seminar on Forest ConservationIn Arunachal Pradesh, Sponsored by ICFRE,
    organized by Dept. Of forestry, North Estern Regional Institue of
    Scienceand Technology, Arunachal Pradesh, held at 23rd February.

  4. Bhaskar Saikia, D. Ch.Chouidhury. and A. K. Das. BIOSYS:
    database on Higher plant diversity Of Arunachal pradesh
    – a conservation
    approach, presented at National Seeminar on Environmental Issues In North
    east India: Past, present and Challenges ahead. Sponsored by ONGC,
    organized by Gargoan College, Assam, India. Held between10th-11
    May, 2008.

  5. Mousmi Saikia,
    Farhana Sultana And Bhaskar Saikia
    Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant And Antibacterial Activity Of Dioscorea Alata L. Bulbil Presented
    at Recent Advances In Biotechnological Research In North East India:
    Challenges And Prospects, Tezpur University, 27-29 Nov 2014

  6. Mousmi Saikia,
    Farhana Sultana, Jayanta Barman, Bhaskar
    Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticle Using Dioscorea Alata L.
    Extract And Its Biological Activity presented at International
    Conference On Disease Biology And
    Therapeutics-2014(Icdbt2014), Guwahati,India, 3-5 December2014

Research Paper :


Yasuyuki Kosaka, Bhaskar
, Hui Tag, Tasong Mingki, Tamo Riba & Kazao Ando
Roadside distribution patterns of
invasive alien species along an altitudinal gradient in Arunachal Pradesh,

Mountain Research and Development (MRD).

2)      M. Pathak, K. Chowlu, B. Saikia and M.
Lidein. Fumariaceae in North East India: new species and records in Corydalis
Dc and Dactylicapnos Wall. Nelumbo 55:1-20.

3)      Magnus Lidén, Rajiv Mili & Bhaskar
  New Corydalis (Fumariaceae) from Anjaw, NE
India (Annales Botanici francisis,
50: 172-174, 28
th May, 2013)

Bhaskar Saikia, J. S. Rawat Hui Tag, and A. K, Das An investigation on the taxonomy and
ecology of the genus Dioscorea in
Arunachal Pradesh, India Journal of frontier Research in arts and science

Bhaskar Saikia, Hui Tag and A. K. Das Dioscorea
Prain &Burkill (Dioscoreaceae)- a new report to India.
Pleione; 4(1). 305-307. 2010.

Koushik Majumdar, Bhaskar
and B K Datta. Dioscorea
Dennst, (Dioscoreaceae)- A new record from Tripura. Pleione 3(2):
224-226, 2009

, A.K Das.
Diversity and importance of some edible Dioscorea
sps. Of Arunchal Pradesh. Pleione; 2(2). 194-197.2009.

,H. Tag. and A. K.Das.
Ethnobotany of foods and beverages among the rural farmers of tai ahom of
Lakhimpur district, Asom, Indian Journal of traditional knowledge;6(1): 126-132

,H. Tag. and A. K.Das.  A notes on some ethnomedicinal important
herbs of Aruncahl pradesh, puiblished in the souvenior of the National seminer,
organised by Chaiduar college, Gohpur, Assam.

10)  Bhaskar Saikia,H.
Tag. and A. K.Das.
Floristic diversity of the Rajiv Gandhi University
Campus, Checklist-I. Pleione; 4(1). 251-253. 2009.

11)  Bhaskar

Mousmi Saikia and Arup Kumar Das, Rediscovery of Dioscorea lepcharum   Prain
& Burkil [Dioscoreaceae] – from Arunachal Pradesh, India Pradesh, India
after a century, Pleione 8(1): 178 – 180. 2014.

12)  Bhaskar

Mousmi Saikia and Arup Kumar Das, A Synopsis of the Genus Dioscorea of Arunachal Pradesh, Nelumbo. (Accepted)


Book :

“The Genus Dioscorea in Arunachal Pradesh” Dhemaji
and Guwahati, Kiran Prakashan &

 Bidyamahon, 2014. ISBN- 978-93-28746-24-9.



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