Dr. Sanjib Baruah,  Asst.
Professor, Department of Botany, Bodoland University




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Accepted papers in Journal

1. Baruah S, and S.K. Borthakur. 2013.
New record of two species of
L. (Smilacaceae) from Assam, India
. (December issue,
of Economic and Taxonomic Botany

2. Baruah S, J. Sarma and S.K. Borthakur. 2013. New
distributional record of Garcinia indica (Thouars) Choisy for Assam as
well as the north-eastern part of India. Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany.


Books chapter

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    Stakeholders”. PP.30-31.

Scientific Article

1.       Baruah, S. 2010 (Nov.) SUGANDHMANTRI-AN ENDANGERED
AROMATIC HERB. Agrobios Newsleter,
VOL. IX, ISSUE NO.6 P-52. [ISSN 2044-2459]

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3.       Baruah, S. 2011 (April.) Agaru (Aquilaria malaccensis Lam.)-A Critically Endangered Tree.  Agrobios
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4.        Baruah, S. 2011 (November) Notes on
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(Mart.) Solms): wealth or weed? Agrobios
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