Peer reviewed

1.   Prabhu Kumar, K.M., Hareesh, V.S., Adsul,
A.A., KP Vimal,
Indira Balachandran and
S.R., Yadav. (2014)  A new species of Chlorophytum (Asparagaceae) from southern Western Ghats of India. Phytotaxa 188 (5):

2.   Prabhu Kumar,
K.M., Hareesh, V.S., Nirmesh, T.K.,
Anilkumar, K.A., Sreekumar, V.B.  and
Indira Balachandran. (2014) On the identity and occurrence of Gnidia glauca var. sisparensis (Thymelaeaceae) in India. Webbia: Journal of plant
taxonomy and geography
61(1): 131–135.

3.   Ginu Joseph, Hareesh, V.S., Sreekumar, V.B. and
Hridheek, T.K. (2013) Rediscovery of Ophiorrhiza
Gardn. from Penninsular India. Rheedea
23(1): 19–21.

in symposia/seminars

1.   Sreejith, K.A. Sreekumar, V.B. Hareesh,
and Nirmesh, T.K. Structure, composition and regeneration of a new
population dominated by Santalum album L.
(Sandalwood) from Attapadi, Palakkad district, Kerala.
Proceedings of International seminar on sandal wood
current trends and future prospects, Bangalore: 26-28 Feb. 2014. pp. 48.

2.   Sreekumar, V.B., Hareesh, V.S., Nirmesh, T.K. and
Sreejith, K.A. Ethnobotanical Studies of Mudugars in Muthikkulam High Value
Biodiversity Area with Special Reference to Trees. Proceedings of 26 th Kerala
Science Congress Pookode, Wayanad: 28-31 Jan. 2014. P. 2558- 2566

3.   Sreekumar, V.B., Suganthasakthivel, R., Hareesh, V.S. and Sasi, R. An
approach to landscape level conservation plan in Western Ghats – in case study
from Muthikulam high value biodiversity area. Proceedings of the UGC National
Seminar- Western Ghats (2013).

4.   Sreekumar, V.B. and Hareesh, V.S., Diversity, endemism
and conservation of Indian palms. Proceedings of 25
th Kerala Science
Congress (Jan 29-Feb.1) 2013. pp. 36-38.

5.   Hareesh,
Sreejith, K.A. and Sreekumar, V.B. Fruits of wild tree species in the Western Ghats:
an unexplored domain for food security. First National Biodiversity Congress,
December (27-30) 2012. pp.178.

6.   Chandrasekhara
Pillai, P.K., Soumya, M.M.  and
a major tree component of moist deciduous forests in Kerala. Proceedings of 24
Kerala Science Congress, 29-31January 2012, RRI, Kottayam, pp. 495-497.





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