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1. Sunilkumar, T. & V. T.
Antony. 2010. The Magical Relief of Vitex negundo L. Practiced by
Ulladan Tribes in Alappuzha district of Kerala State
J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 54 (4)-pp  940-942.

2. Sunilkumar,T, M. A. Joseph
& V. T Antony 2012 Some Medicinal Plants of Verbenaceae used by
Traditional Medical Practitioners of, Alappuzha District, Kerala State. India.
J. Econ. Taxon. Bot
36 (2): -pp 393-396.


3. Sunilkumar. T, M. C .Varghese,
T. Antony 2011. Verbena bonariensis L. (Verbenaceae)- An
addition to Flora of  Kerala . Research
  4(2)- pp 122-124.

 4.  M.C Varghese, T.Sunilkumar.
&V.T Antony2011-.
Ethnobotanical investigation among the UlladaTribes of Alappuzha
District in Kerala State, India
J.  Econ. Taxon. Bot.. Vol.35(3)- pp 449-454.


5. Sunilkumar.T, K. Scaria Varghese, Salvy Thomas, N.
Pramodkumar, Jaison Joseph, M. V. Krishnaraj & V.T Antony. 2012 . Lippia
(Mill.) N. E. Br (Verbenaceae) – An addition to Flowering
Plants of Kerala.
Ind. J. Forestry .35 (1)- pp105- 106.

6. Sunilkumar,T,
& V. T Antony.2012.
Clerodendrum cordatum
D. Don (Verbenaceae) –
An addition to   flowering plants of Kerala.  J. 
Econ. Taxon. Bot
. 36 No.( I .)- pp 46-49. 

7. T.Sunilkumar.,
Pramodkumar.N & V.T Antony
2011 Some
Sacred Plants Used by Namboodiri Brahmins for Worship and Medicine – Research
. Vol. IV, No. I-B, – pp 19-25

A. Honey John, K. M. Prabhukumar, V. T. Antony
(20131)Premna  Scandens Roxb. (Verbenaceae) – A
New Distribution Record For South

 India J.  Econ.
Taxon. Bot
. Vol.37.No. .PP 50-52.

10. K Ajayakumari , T.Sunilkumar, &
V.T Antony
(2013)  Medicinal food to relieve after
effect of snake

bite problems, by Malapanicker
in Kerala state
J. Econ. Taxon. Bot.



1.K. M.Prabhu Kumara*,
T.Sunilkumar, V.Sreeraj, Binu Thomas, Indira Balachandrana and V. T. Antony “A
new species of the genus Premna L. (Lamiaceae) from Western Ghats of India. — Webbia(Taylor and Francis Group) – Journal
of Plant Taxonomy and Geography
.Vol 68. No-2. Pages 127-131

2.SunilKumar. .
T & V.T.Antony   Restricted
distribution of Certain Plants of Verbenaceae in Southern Western Ghats of India

(FullText in International conference “Grespac”(ISBN No:978-81-907269-9-3).
Green Path to Sustainability .Rajive Gandhi Chair In Contemporary Studies: 2010
-pp 66-68.

3.  JibinaBai
N, Sunilkumar T, Asha Saji and VT Antony “In vitro regeneration of
Lippia alba (mill.) N.E. Br. An ethno botanically useful plant” International
Journal of Bioassays
, 2014, 3 (07), 3119-3121

 List of Papers

T.Sunilkumar, K. M. Prabhu
Kumar, V. Sreeraj and V.T Antony
Critical notes on Premna coriacea var. villosa (C.B.
A. Rajendran & P. Daniel (Verbenaceae) after a
lapse of 140 years from Kerala, Southern Western Ghats of India
( Communicated to JETB )


Sunilkumar T.



688525 .



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