Strobilanthes wightiana Nees Pl. Asiat. Rar. 3: 86 (1832) (syn: Nilgirianthus wightianus (Nees) Bremek.);
India (Orissa, SW Ghats (Kerala, Tamil Nadu)) as per Catalogue of Life;


Shrubs; branches hirtus. Leaves 7 x 4 cm, ovate, acuminate, serrate, densely hirtus; nerves 4 pairs; petiole 2-3 cm long. Spikes 1.5 x 2.5 cm, obconical; peduncle 2-6 cm long; involucral bracts 2-4, leafy, 1-3 x 1.5 cm; floral bracts densely hairy at base; bracteoles linear. Flowers few; sepals 10 mm long, hairy, united below the middle; corolla 2 cm long, pale blue, tube 5 mm long, villous inside. Capsule 9 x 3 mm, glabrous; seeds 3 x 3 mm, orbicular, glabrous, oblique at base.

Flowering and fruiting: November-March
Evergreen and semi-evergreen forests
Southern Western Ghats (Endemic)
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi  from India Biodiversity Portal)


Images by N. Muthu Karthick (Identified by C. Kunhikannan) (Inserted by J.M.Garg)





Name: Strobilanthes wightianus Nees

Family: Acanthaceae
Habit: shrub
Height: 1-1.5 m
Location: Mukruthi National Park, Nilgiris
Alt.: 2250 m asl
Date: 12 Oct 2012

Dear all, is my ID right?

For me the ID is perfect. The colour of the all other photos  is different from first photograph.

Is it due to fading?

Yes it is S.wightianus



Nilgiris: Strobilanthus for identification 301012MK01:

Please help me to identify this Acanthaceae plant. The growth is gregarious and commonly seen underneath the shadow of shola trees. Both purple and orange coloured flower varieties are observed.
Leaf: 5 x 4cm; leathery hirsute
Flower: 2.5cm across
Date: 10 Oct 2012
Place: Mukruthi National Park, TN
Alt.: 2350 m asl

Same as in Acanthaceae Fortnight :: Strobilanthus wightianus :: MK MAR 008 i.e. Strobilanthes wightiana Nees

Please help me to identify this Strobilanthus sp. growing gregariously on roadsides in grasslands.
Place: Mukruthi NP, Nilgiris
Alt.: 2350 m asl
Date: 14 Oct 2012

Strobilanthes species in India & eFIoraofindia with details & some keys


Strobilanthus sp SN 7317 : 7 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (1)- 1 mb.

Wild prostrate herb from Western Ghat area

Appears to be same as at Nilgiris: Strobilanthus for identification 301012MK01

Does it look like Strobilanthes reticulatus Stapf ???
By the way there are many new species from the WG but images are not available in the net and
could not access journal and most of them are not reflected in the POWO,GBF and CoL for
herbarium verification !

Seems to be Strobilanthes wightianus.

Yes, it is Strobilanthes wightianus

I think this is Strobilanthes wightiana Nees but I should emphasise that I don’t know the South Indian species so well. Note it is wightiana, NOT wightianus as in many books.

I don’t know the South Indian species very well and am less confident in naming them but this might be Strobilanthes homotropa Nees (=S. sexennis var homotropa).

Looks different from Strobilanthes homotropa as per GBIF.

Pl check for Strobilanthes wightianus

Yes, matches as per images at Strobilanthes wightiana


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