List of Publications:

1. A.R. Sivu, Prabhugaonkar, A. and N.S. Pradeep. 2014. MemecylonterminaleDalz. (Melastomataceae) a new record for Goa. J.
Econ. Taxon. Bot. 38 (2): 261-262

2. AshishPrabhugaonkar, Divakar K. Mesta & M.K. Janarthanam
2014. First report of three redlisted tree species from swampy relics of Goa
State, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa 6(2): 5503–5506;

3. Pratibha, J., Prabhugaonkar, A., Hyde, K.D.&Bhat, D.J. 2014. Phylogenetic placement of
Bahusandhika, Cancellidium and Pseudoepicoccum (asexual Ascomycota). Accepted
for publication n journal phytotaxa


4. Prabhugaonkar A. and D.J. Bhat
New record of Megacapitula villosa and
Paradictyoarthriniumdiffractum from India.
Mycosphere2(4): 463-467


5. Prabhugaonkar A., Sardesai U.S. and M.
K. Janarthanam. 2009. Dipcadigoaense
(Hycinthaceae), a new species from foothills of the Western Ghats, India. Kew
Bulletin, 64: 743-746


6. Prabhugaonkar A. and D. J. Bhat. 2009. Rattaniasetulifera, an
undescribedendophytichyphomycetes on rattans from Western Ghats, India.
Mycotaxon , 108: 217-222


7. Prabhugaonkar A., Sardesai M. M. and M. K. Janarthanam. 2009. Further additions to
the flora of Goa. J. Econ.
Bot. 33(1): 37-43


8. Prabhugaonkar A., Dessai J. N. and M. K. Janarthanam. 2007. Extended Distribution of Cassipouriaceylanica,
an inland Rhizophoraceae. Indian Journal of Forestry, 30 (1): 81-82



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