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Today is the last day of April and I thought I will end the month with a set of pictures that signify spring.
Hope you enjoy these.
Most pictures are taken in the last 10 days or so.
Ringed Argus on Berberis lycium
Chocolate Pansy on Clematis montana
Common Wall on Gerbera gossypina
Common Map on Berberis lycium
Hill Jezebel on Buddeleja crispa
Indian Red Admiral on Berberis lyceum
Dark Clouded Yellow on a thistle
Hill Sergeant on Clematis montana

Wonderful pictures

all these with a cell phone?

and the little fly hitching a ride on the yellow butterfly on the thistle, too with the cell phone?

Thanks … Though I have had some success with butterflies on my phone, these all are taken on a SLR camera.