Pimpinella diversifolia ?;

Location : Reiek, Mizoram
Altitude : ca 1,450 m.
Date : 08-09-2015

Habit : Perennial herb, up to about 1.2 m tall
Habitat : Wild

Can you send close up images of leaves & fruits as I am not sure while comparing with images at Pimpinella diversifolia DC.due to lack of details ?

Sir, this is another images. Sorry ! I don’nt have close up images of leaves & fruits.

Tetrataenium burmanicum (Kurz) Manden. ?? Syn : Heracleum burmanicum Kurz

What are the species found there?

Heracleum burmanicum & H.candicans are recorded in Mizoram

I think looks different as per GBIF1 and GBIF2

Pl. post high resolution images.

This is already discussed and placed at Pimpinella diversifolia ?

I have doubt about this !