Fimbristylis ferruginea (L.) Vahl, Enum. Pl. Obs. 2: 291 1805. (syn: Campylostachys abbreviata E.Mey. [Illegitimate]; Eleocharis juncoides Schult.; Fimbristylis andamandica Kurz; Fimbristylis arvensis (Retz.) Vahl; Fimbristylis brevifolia R.Br.; Fimbristylis ciliata C.B.Clarke ex Drobow; Fimbristylis compressa Roem. & Schult.; Fimbristylis cyrtophylla Miq.; Fimbristylis ferruginea var. compacta Kük. ….; Fimbristylis leiocarpa Miq. [Illegitimate]; Fimbristylis lomentocarpa Hochst. ex A.Rich.; Fimbristylis marginata Labill.; Fimbristylis mauritiana Tausch ex C.Presl; Fimbristylis ochreata Boeckeler; Fimbristylis paucispicata F.Muell.; Fimbristylis roxburghii A.Dietr.Fimbristylis spadicea var. ferruginea (L.) Alph.Wood; Fimbristylis stans Rich. ex Spreng.; Fimbristylis sublateralis Steud.; Fimbristylis trispicata Steud.; Iria ferruginea (L.) Kuntze; Isolepis ferruginea (L.) Schltdl.; Schoenus polymorphus Rottb.; Scirpus arvensis Retz.; Scirpus bonariensis Poir.; Scirpus brevifolius Poir. [Invalid]; Scirpus cinereofuscus Willd. ex Kunth; Scirpus debilis Lam.; Scirpus ferrugineus L. .; Scirpus globulosus Roxb.; Scirpus habessinicus Ehrenb. ex Boeckeler; Scirpus miliaceus Thunb. [Illegitimate]; Scirpus pallescens Willd. ex Kunth; Scirpus stans Ham.; Scirpus tranquebariensis Roth; Scirpus tristachyos Roxb. [Illegitimate]);
Trop. & Subtrop. to Caucasus (from WCSP)

Goa, May 2015 :: Requesting ID of this sedge (?) :: ARKJUN-12/23 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)
Requesting to please ID this sedge captured near Varca beach, Goa in May 2015.

It seems to be Fimbristylis ferruginea (L.) Vahl


Plant for ID: 26-3-2023: Kerala: 5 images.

Please help ID this plant that grows to about 2 feet with thin, reedy stems and light brown inflorescence. Growing in marshy, waterlogged areas.
Location: Ernakulam dist, Kerala
Date: 10/3/2023

Cyperaceae. Pls check in efi.

Pl. check with images at

Schoenoplectus subulatus looks right, but since the reeds are flattened, it’s difficult to figure out the height of the plant.

Fimbristylis ferruginea (L.) Vahl

POWO images looks considerably different though,

Images can be misleading sometimes to a layman like us.

Agree completely. Thank you very much,



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