Publications of Dr. A. N. Sringeswara

A. N. Sringeswara and Sahana Vishwanath. 2015. Eulophia epidendraea
(J.Koenig ex Retz.) C.E.C.Fisch. and Thelasis pygmaea (Griff) Bl.
(Orchidaceae) – new addition to the flora of Karnataka.
Journal of Threatened Taxa, 7305 – 7308.

Sankara Rao, K, Page, N. V, A. N. Sringeswara, Arun Singh R, Imran Baig and Sahana Vishwanath. 2015. Range
extension of two poorly known, highly endemic and threatened species of genus Orophea
Blume (Annonaceae).
Journal of Threatened Taxa, 7(3): 6996 – 6999.

A. N. Sringeswara, M. B. Shivanna and Balakrishna Gowda. 2014. Floristic
diversity in Kudremukh National Park, Western Ghats, Karnataka.
Sahyadri E-news, issue 42.

Sampath Kumara, K. K., A.N. Sringeswara, K.B.
Sadananda and H.S. Prakash. 2013. New distribution record of the endemic and
rare Ficus dalhousiae Miq.
Journal of Threatened Taxa, 3(2): 1550-1552.

K Sankara Rao, A. N. Sringeswara, Deepak Kumar, Arun Singh R, Imran Baig, Ravali M and
Sasidhara Kaimal. 2013. Flora of Karnataka in a herbarium – based database.
Sahydri E-news, issue 41.

N. Sringeswara
, K.
Gopalakrishna Bhat and K. Sankara Rao. 2013. Distributional note on Macroptelium
(DC.) Urb. and Gloxinia perennis (L.) Fritsch. Indian journal of Forestry. 36 (1):

Sahana Vishwanath, A. N. Sringeswara, Syam
Viswanath and T. S. Rathore. Occurrence of twin seedlings in Kingiodendron pinnatum (DC.) Harms
(Leguminosae) – an endangered tree species of Western Ghats. Indian Journal of Forestry,
35(4): 489 – 490.

Sampath Kumara, K. K., A. N. Sringeswara, K. B.
Sadananda, G. R. Shivamurthy and H. S. Prakash. 2012. Mirabilis viscosa (Nyctaginaceae) – Newly recorded for Asia, as a
naturalised plant. Rheedea,
22(2): 88-90.

C. Haleshi, A. N. Sringeswara, Sahana Vishwanath,
M. D. Rajanna and Balakrishna.  Gowda. Acanthospermum australe (Asteraceae) – A
new distributional record for India. Rhedeea,
22(1): 32-34.

K. Sankara Rao, A. N. Sringeswara, Deepak Kumar,
Sandeep Pulla and R. Sukumar. 2012. A digital herbarium for the flora of the
state of Karnataka.
Current Science, 102 (9): 1268 – 1271. 

Rajkumar, M. H., A. N. Sringeswara and M. D. Rajanna. 2011. Ex-situ conservation of
medicinal plants at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka.
Recent Research in Science
and Technology
3(4): 21-27.

Balakrishna Gowda, Chandrika, K., Hareesh, G. U., Sringeswara, A. N., Haleshi, C., Jaime, A. T. da
Silva, Adarsh, K. S. 2011. Analysis of Genetic Variation in the Genus Solanum
using AFLP (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism) Markers.
Medicinal and Aromatic
Plant Science and Biotechnology
, 5 (1): 77-80.

A. N. Sringeswara and Sahana Vishwanath. 2011. A note on Diploprora
(Lindl. ex Benth.) Hook. f. (Orchidaceae) – an interesting
orchid from Karnataka, India.
Journal of Threatened Taxa, 3(2): 1550-1552.

N. Sringeswara
, M. B.
Shivanna and Balakrishna Gowda. 2010. Role of ecological factors on leaf size
spectra in an evergreen forest, Western Ghats, India – an ecological hotspot. International Journal of Science and Nature,
1 (1): 61-66.

N. Sringeswara
, N.
Pradeep, Balakrishna Gowda and M. B. Shivanna. 2009. Endemism in the evergreen
forests of Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. Indian Journal of Forestry, 32 (3): 379-385.

P. Rama Chandra Prasad, A. N. Sringeswara, Ch.
Sudhakar Reddy, P.Vijaya Kumari, 
R.K.Varalakshmi, S.H.Raza and C.B.S.Dutt. 2009. Vegetation structure and
ecological characteristics of North Andaman Forest, India. Biological Letters, 46 (2): 105-121.

U. M. Chandrashekar, Balakrishna Gowda, R. K. Maikhuri,
K. T. Prasanna, M. P. Sujatha, A. N. Sringeswara, B. V. Chinnappa Reddy,
E. C. Baiju, A. Rane, B. S. Ranjini, Divya Dangwal, Shalini Mishra and A. N.
Balakrishna. 2009. Characterisation of benchmark sites of the conservation and
management of Below Ground Biodiversity project in India. Journal of Soil Biology and Ecology,
(Special Volume): 1-22.

P. Rama Chandra Prasad, A. N. Sringeswara, Ch.
Sudhakar Reddy, Nidhi Nagabhatla, K.S. Rajan, A. Giriraj, M.S.R. Murthy, S.H.
Raza, C.B.S. Dutt. 2009. Assessment of Forest Fragmentation and Species
Diversity in North Andaman Islands (India): A Geospatial Approach. International Journal of Ecology and
, Vol 14: 33-46.

Haleshi, Y. N. Seetharam, A. N.
, M. D. Rajanna and Balakrishna Gowda. 2005. Life-forms and
biological spectrum of dry deciduous forest at Sandur, Karnataka. Myforest,
41: 449-452.

A. N. Sringeswara, C. Haleshi, N. Pradeep, M.V. Srinivasulu, M. D. Rajanna
and Balakrishna Gowda. 2003. Leaf size spectra of tree species in Uttara
Kannada district, Karnataka.
Indian Journal of Forestry, 26: 208-212.

K. R., Hareesh, G. R., Rajanna, M. D, Sringeswara,
A. N
, Balakrishna Gowda and Balakrishna, A. N. 2002. Changes in microbial
biomass C, N and P as influenced by different land-uses. Myforest, 38: 323-328.

A. N. Sringeswara,
N. Pradeep M.V. Srinivasulu M. D. Rajanna and Balakrishna Gowda. 2002. Status
and Regeneration of Hopea canarensis Hole in Bhagavathy valley of
Kudremukh National Park in Western Ghats. Myforest, 38: 107-115.

Gowda M.D. Rajanna K. Chandrika N. Pradeep, Sringeswara, A. N., Kirana V.C., Srinivasulu M. V., Dasappa M.M
Nissar. A.N. Balakrishna and G.R. Hareesh. 2002. Habitats of some Rare,
Endangered and Threatened plant populations in Karnataka for in-situ conservation and management. Myforest,
38: 75-88.

A. N. Sringeswara,
Kirana. V. C., Srinivasulu. M. V., Hareesh. G. R., M. D. Rajanna and
Balakrishna Gowda. 2000. Studies on Garcinia
(L.) Robson a non-timber forest product of Sringeri Taluk,
Chikmagalur District, Karnataka. Myforest, 36: 61-64.


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