Bhatt – Publications


1. Coastal Zones of
India, Space Applications Centre (ISRO), Ahmadabad, India (M. S. University,
Vadodara team), 2012

2. Forest Resource Survey of Chotta Udepur, Part
I – VII, Working Plan, Circle, 
     Vadodara, Forest Department, State
of Gujarat, 2007



Journal Papers

1. Shweta Bhatt, Mangrove Conservation amidst land sharks, Fauna and Flora International, Oryx
46 (2), April 2012

2. S. Bhatt, D. G. Shah and N. Desai (2009), The mangrove diversity of Purna
Estuary, TropicalEcology, 50
(2): 2009

3. D. G. Shah, S. Bhatt and N.D. Desai, Community participation in mangrove
conservation efforts in Gujarat: The case of Kolak and Auranga Rivers , Seshaiyana
17 (2): 2009

4. Bhatt S., Shah D. G. and Desai N., Mangrove Zonation of Noru and
Chank island, Marine national Park, Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat, Proceedings of National Symposium on
Advances in Remote Sensing Technology and Applications with Special
Emphasis on Microwave Remote Sensing
, December 2008

5. Dharmendra Shah and Sweta Bhatt
First Record of the Mangrove Associate Derris TrifoliataLour. from Gujarat, J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc., 105 (3), Sep-Dec 2008

6. S. Bhatt, D. G. Shah and N.D. Desai,
Occurrence of LumnitzeraracemosaWilld. In the Varoli estuary, south
Gujarat: a new record for Gujarat, Seshaiyana
16 (3): 2008

7. Bhatt Sweta, Desai Nikhil, BhondeUday and Shah Dharmendra,
Geomorphological Changes and the Mangrove Habitat Expansion, Purna
Estuary, South Gujarat – A Study using Remote Sensing Tool,  Jour.
of Indian Association of Sedimentologists,
7 (2): 2008 (Abstract)