Lepidagathis gandhii Gnanasek., A.F.J.King, S.M.Kasim & Arisdason, Kew Bull. 78(2): [5] (2023).;
Common name: Kanchi’s Lepidagathis

Identification of Lepidagathis sp. : 8 posts by 4 authors. 3 high res. images.
Pl. help me to identify the Attached Lepidagathis sp.
Erect herb- Flowers solitary in axle. Leaves entire with spiny tip. Bracts spiny. Flower cream colour.
Observed at Palladam, Tiruppur Dist, Tamilnadu on 19-07-15
Specimen do not match with L. fasciculata due to absence of crenate leaves and short spike inflorescence.
It may not be L pungens  – due to absence of spiny leaf margin.
May not be L.incurva due to absence of terminal short spike of inflorescence.

This is an interesting plant; I never came across.

After detailed net perusal, the possible nearest match is Lepidagathis fasciculata (Retz.) Nees. 

It is not L. fasciculata as the leaves in the posted pictures are spine-tipped.

Thank you …

I think it is Lepidagathis barberi as per GBIF– specimen 1 and specimen 2
Looks different from Lepidagathis rigida as per GBIF– specimen 1 and specimen 2

Lepidagathis pungens Nees ??

No, it is different as per images at Lepidagathis pungens Nees

I thought you both are the same …,
L. barberi (= pungens).

Yes …, Lepidagathis barberi Gamble is the accepted name with L. pungens Nees as its synonym.

Probably L. spinosa

This has been identified as Lepidagathis barberi as per images and details herein.

Further feedback from S Kasim ji at  Specimen of Lepidagathis barberi in eflora india site.:
“The specimen shown as Lepidagathis barberi is described as a new species as Lepidagathis gandhii. This is for your kind information.


Posted in 2015, published as a new species in 2023:
S Kasim ji, has posted this Lepidagathis in August, 2015, which was identified as L. barberi after a lot of discussions.
Now this plant has been identified as a new species as L.gandhii by Kasim ji and others.
Pl. see details at
Congratulations to Kasim ji and others, for the publication.

Congratulations Kasim ji and team.

Congratulations 👏, Kasim ji

Congratulation Kasim ji.

Congratulations Kasim ji and team.


Specimen of Lepidagathis barberi in eflora india site.:
The specimen shown as Lepidagathis barberi is described as a new species as Lepidagathis gandhii.
This is for your kind information.

Thanks and congratulations, Kasim ji, for the new publication as at




Springer (Lepidagathis gandhii (Barlerieae: Acanthaceae), a new species from Tamil Nadu, India- Gunadayalan Gnanasekaran, Anishkar Feroshwa Joy King, Segu Mohamed KasimWilson Arisdason- Kew Bull. 78(2): [5] (2023). (Summary: A new species, Lepidagathis gandhii (Barlerieae: Acanthaceae), is described based on fresh collections from several localities of the Tiruppur district in Tamil Nadu, India. It is morphologically similar to another endemic species, L. spinosa, which has a restricted distribution in Tamil Nadu. A detailed description, illustrations, colour photographs, micrographs of floral parts taken through light and scanning electron microscopes, its taxonomic affinities, a distribution map and IUCN conservation status of the species are provided)

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