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Ceropegia mahabalei Hemadri & Ansari, Indian Forester 97: 105 1971.;



Ceropegia mahabalei (Apcynaceae) : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)

Herbs, tuberous, erect, 25 cm;stems terete, hairy. Leaves subseasile, linear, hairy above , acute, Flowers solitary; peduncles, pedicels and calyx hairy; corolla 5.5-10.0 cm, base largely inflated, narrowed in neck, enlarging towards mouth, glabrous inside , lobes hairy within, connate at tips;  Corona bisetiate, outer of 5 bidentate glabrous lobes, inner linear, erect​​​.
Local name – Gauti Kharpudi मराठी – गवती खरपुडी 
Habitat – Open hill slopes among grasses at high altitude of 975 Meters.
Distribution – Ralegoen hills of Junnar (Type locality), Nashik and Kasara hills.
Fl. & Fr – August to November.


1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants By Kerry Scott Walter, Harriet J. Gillett, World Conservation Monitoring Centre 
Ceropegia mahabalei Hemadri et Ansari-a New Species of Asclepiada- Ceae from Sahyadri Range, Western Ghats (Maharashtra State) by Koppula Hemadri , M. Y. Ansari (Clropegia mahabalei Hemadri et Ansari a new Asclepiad from Junnarghats of Sahyadri ranges, Western ghats (Maharashtra State), is described and illustrated.)