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Wishing a happy Diwali to all with an aerial photograph of a 40 meter long image of Ganesha created as a paddy art in my rice field near Pune.

Happy Diwali to you too …

Wonderful art !! Lot of efforts and skill !!

Wonderful creativity!!
Wishing you a very happy Deepawali..

what a nice  green sculpture. love it and Happy Diwali to you and yours
now a question. what is yellow and what is green? i see you have alternate rows elsewhere too and how many days from planting did you achieve this image?

Marvellous, …. Simply amazing.

Thanks everyone for the appreciation. The yellow is a crop called Indrayani rice and green is another variety Udkadi which was given to me as having black coloured leaves. But that wasn’t the right seed. Yet some contrast due to difference in maturity period. Better luck next time.
I would like to know if anyone knows a person who can help me to genetically alter leaf colour in paddy by bio technology.

Thanks … nice to know. but here the “failed” color is also looking aestheticallly nice

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This image has nothing to do with flora except that 2 varieties of rice plants are used to create 40 m long Ganesh. This is for the oncoming Ganesh festival. Image can be seen till December as both crops ripen in different hues.
Anyone who happens to know of variety of rice with LEAVES in colour other than green may forward the source contact.

Wonderful art, …; lot of efforts and skill !!

Simply superb.. Highly creative …

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