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This year was especially fruitful for me as I was able to see an excellent number of Himalayan plants during the Churdhar trip organised by Dr. Balkar Singh. I was also able to make more trips to various wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala where I got a rich haul of many evergreen species. But the place that truly stole my heart this year was the montane grasslands of Devaramane in the Mudigere taluk of Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka. My hearty thanks go to Tsp Kumar sir as he provided me with the directions and suggestions on where and when I should go to during many trips this year and indeed Devaramane was one of his suggestions. ‘Devaramane’ literally translates to the ‘home of the gods’ and certainly this place, as is fairly evident from the attached photo, deserves the name.

As most of the members here know, it takes a lot of planning to make trips to even nearby areas and somehow, my visit to Devaramane was superbly well timed and well planned. I visited the place just after the peak of the monsoon had passed, the weather was absolutely stunning and in the company of my wonderful friends the trip was, in short, nothing short of spectacular. This particular trip will always hold a special place in my heart. I think it would be appropriate to say I have and will always be at a loss to truly describe what a stunning place Devaramane was so I hope the picture does justice to the sholas.

Yes … The mist in your images has mesmerised me. Devaramane is certainly the abode of Gods as you have rightly put it. Happy exploring

spectacular. nice trekking experience

Thanks, …  Beautiful composition.
Reminds me of my earlier family trip to Chikmaglur & surrounding areas. Simply mesmerising.

Very nice pic … This is very close to some of the pictures that come in mind when I think of exploring nature. 

I like this place.
And willingly could waste my time in it.

extract from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”

Thank you very much … I can safely say that without being tempted by your photos from Devaramane, we would never have known or planned to go to such a place even though it is so close by!

…, thank you!

…, very aptly put. And thank you as well.