Zanthoxylum beecheyanum K. Koch, Hort. Dendrol. 81 1853. (syn: Fagara alata var. beecheyana (K. Koch) Hiroe; Fagara piperita Hook. & Arn.; Zanthoxylum arnottianum Maxim.; Zanthoxylum arnottianum subsp. alatum (Nakai) Masamun. & Yanagita; Zanthoxylum arnottianum var. alatum Nakai; Zanthoxylum piperitum Hook. & Arn.);
Nansei-shoto, Ogasawara-shoto as per POWO;


Plant for ID :: Thane :: ARKDEC12 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

An ornamental spotted in a cultivated garden in Thane in December 2016.
This tree is used in bonsai as it has very small leaves.
Requested to please ID.

An ornamental species of Zanthoxylum, should be: Zanthoxylum beecheyanum K.Koch (= Fagara alata var. beecheyana (K.Koch) M.Hiroe) Chinese Pepper Tree)

Thank you … for the ID.



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