Koenigia mollis ?;

It is called Gayie in Angami
It has many medicinal uses
Please identify

Ageratum sp. to me. Check with Ageratum houstonianum

Thanks, …, for the id.
Flowers may be of Ageratum houstonianum, but most of the leaves are of some other species from Polygonaceae.

Main plant in the photograph is some Polygonaceae member. Ageratum is just a weed at this place growing amongst the concerned plants.

One possibility is Fallopia multiflora (synonym is Reynoutria multiflora),

The plant belonging to Polygonaceae is to be identified

Koenigia mollis (D.Don) T.M.Schust. & Reveal

How can you be so sure about this id as leaves look so similar in Polygonaceae?

It is Polgonaceae and earlier name is Aconogonon molle (D.Don) H.Hara !

I was knowing it by its synonym Persicaria mollis.
Similarly, Persicaria wallichii in my collection has changed to Koenigia polystachya

A reply from … at Koenigia mollis ?:
Koenigia mollis (D.Don) T.M.Schust. & Reveal”


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