Lalbagh Botanical Gardens :: 19 FEB 2017 : 5 posts by 3 authors. 4 images.
Lalbagh Botanical Gardens Bangalore
Date: 19 FEB 2017 … Altitude: ~ 906 m (2972 ft) asl
These gardens, in heart of Bengaluru city, is a boon to all of us who wish to do some botanizing while staying in the city. It is a very large place, certain to keep us busy every time we visit it.

Thank you …,

I visited there last year on 15th Aug. but could not enjoy as there were lakhs of people that day full of chaos.  The entry fee is also very high (Rs. 60 per person) as compared to other botanic gardens such as Indian Botanic Garden (Rs. 10), Connoor Botanic Garden (Rs. 10) and Ooty Botanic Garden (Rs. 30).  The last one provided us free entry when we told that we are from Indian Botanic Garden!

Ah, …, you were there on one of those two special days (Jan 26 & Aug 15) when this garden hosts much awaited flower shows, and the entry fees are high. Other days, the fees are Rs 10 per person, and no fees for children below 12 years; the crowd too is nominal. I also found that Lalbagh has a metro station, which is scheduled to open somewhere during April this year, will make it much easier, faster and economic to reach the garden. 

Thanks …, Going there again this month and will try!

Thanks, …  I have been there but got no time to post.