Andrographis longipedunculata (Sreem) L.H.Cramer, Kew Bull. 51: 554 1996. (syn: Erianthera longipedunculata (Sreemadh.) M.R.Almeida; Indoneesiella longipedunculata (Sreemadh.) Sreemadh.; Neesiella longipedunculata Sreemadh.);
India (peninsular India) as per Catalogue of Life;



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This is from Kavali, Andhra Pradesh
Please identify it

Andrographis longipedunculata (Sreem) L.H.Cramer,

Thanks for posting my native plant, sir, really happy,
Can I know sir when you visit Andhra Pradesh.

Lamiaceae ??

Acanthaceae only …

To me appears close to Andrographis echioides (L.f.) Nees as per images and details herein.

It is Andrographis echioides., grows well during rainy season.

it is Andrographis glandulosa endemic to Peninsular India. floral axis branched, slightly longer or equal to subtending leaf; glands clear on all parts, 

It is Andrographis longipedunculata and not A. glandulosa.



Submission of Andrographis ;ongipedunculata : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- 2 MB or more. 

Plant name: Andrographis longipedunculata (Sreemadh.) L. H. Cramer,  Kew Bull. 51: 554 1996.

Family: Acanthaceae
It looks similar to A.echioides, but the racemes are branched, longer than the leaves; the plant is more hairy, with glandular hairs and branched from base;
Andrographis glandulosa also bears glandular hairs, but the racemes are shorter or equal to the length of leaves;
Andrographis longipedunculata is endemic to Peninsular India,
this plant is photographed at Rangareddy district, of Telangana 3 years back in a hurry in bad light; As I am searching for some images in my system I found it.

Your images look different from those identified as Andrographis longipedunculata by Gnanasekaran ji (who is expert on this genus) at Re: Shrub from Kavali Andhra Pradesh

Andrographis longipedunculata is from Telangana region, based on field observation and literature i conclude it is A.longipedunculata only


Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver. 1.1  IPNI  India Biodiversity Portal  BSI Flora of India checklist  Andrographis longipedunculata (Acanthaceae) from Northwest India (Abstract- As a part of survey and collection of medicinal plants of India, under the Center of Excellence Programme supported by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, the authors collected the endemic species Andrographis longipedunculata (Sreem.) L.H. Cramer in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. This species has so far not been reported in these states.)