Torenia travancorica Gamble, Fl. Madras 957 1923. (syn: Torenia asiatica var. parvifolia Hook. fil.; Torenia leucosiphon Alston);
India (Travancore, Madras), Sri Lanka as per Catalogue of Life;


Creeping or scandent herbs; stems slender, 4-angled, with 10 cm long internodes. Leaves to 6 x 2 cm, ovate, acuminate, base rounded, thinly hirtus; nerves 5-7 pairs; petiole to 1 cm long. Flowers axillary; pedicels to 2.5 cm long, solitary, glabrous; calyx 2.2 cm long, tubular, narrowly winged, ciliolulate or glabrous, lobes acute; corolla 3.5 cm long, tube yellow, lobes deep blue, obtuse, spreading; anthers connate in pairs; appendages on the filaments 6 mm long, filiform. Capsule 2 cm long, glabrous; seeds pitted, pale brown.

Flowering and fruiting: June-January
Evergreen forests
Peninsular India and Sri Lanka
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal)
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Please identify the weed plant.
Name of plant:
Location:    near Reserve Forest, Chathamattom, Ernakulam District, Kerala PIN:686671
Date:.               27.11.2020, 12.50pm
Altitude:           1700fsl
Habitat:            wild moisture
Plant habit:      hanging/creeping weak stem  annual
Height:             10cm
Leaves:            opposite oblong apex
Flower:             diameter:16mm, blue+yellow  non fragrant

Torenia fournieri,

It is similar to Torenia travancorica,

Old name of my location or destination was Travancore (before freedom).




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