It is because of you all that I could complete such a long journey of ten (10) and a half years with 50,000 messages
Earlier people used to say that Indians excell individually but fail when it comes to a team work. But now things have changed and efloraofindia is a fine example of that. All are working together with a single goal of bringing Indian Flora on net with wonderful images. 
I dedicate this moment to the Great Team spirit of efloraofindia

Hearty congratulations!!

Thanks, Aarti ji. 

It was a pleasure to be with you in this beautiful journey. 

Kudos Garg ji; excellent marathon journey; herculean efforts !! And still long way to go. Best wishes !!

50,000 posts is mind-boggling 🙂 

Thanks, Dinesh ji. 

You are a role model for all of us. 

Congrats all who contributed, thanks Garg ji for great leadership. 

Thanks, Singh ji. 

It was you who taught and guided us on this path. 

It is indeed a great achievement which could be possible 
only  a from a dedicated leadership person like you! 
Congratulations to all involved !

Thanks, Saroj ji, 

For taking us on a journey to Flora of Nepal single handedly. 

Heartiest Congratulations, Garg ji

You have done what others can not even think to achieve. Great efforts on your part. 
Kudos to you.

Thanks, Anil ji. 

It is nice to have such a wonderful journey with you. 

Great efforts and greater outcome. I am sure your inputs will go on uninterrupted…..

Thanks to other members for their inputs too.
And, thanks for making me a part of this family.

Thanks, Pankaj ji, for guiding us in this journey. I have no doubts that with your such deep involvement, you will be one of the foremost Orchid expert in India. 

Congrats Garg ji for the great achievement!
It was only possible because of your dedication and relentless efforts.

Hats off to you!

Thanks, Vijayasankar ji. 

It was your concept of efloraofindia that lead us to this point. 

Congrats Garg Ji, It is because of your great leadership quality, your patient relentless efforts the great feat is achieved. Happy to be united with the great group.

Thanks, Lalithamba ji. 

It is nice to be with you on such a wonderful journey. There is a lot to be learnt from you,  the way you approach the things. 

Nature lovers of the world appreciate your service Garg ji

Thanks, Santhan ji. 

It is great to be with you in this United efforts. 

Extraordinary effort Garg ji. You served as the great binding force to keep all Nature lovers together. Congrats to one and all who had contributed in bringing efloraofindia to this level..

Thanks, Prashant ji. 

Such a wonderful journey with the real flower hunter like you. 

Great milestone crossed. Congratulation Garg Ji.

These 50000 messages are the binding force in eFI.

Great going!

Thanks, Rawat ji, for guiding us and for all the real wonderful stories. 

The amount of work you have put in to build this group is commendable. You and the initial members have ensured a solid foundation on which the group is growing and will continue to grow. It’s been a pleasure to be with you during a small part of this journey and I look forward to sharing many more milestones together.
My heartiest congratulations!

Thanks, Ashwini ji.

Together it has been a journey of self discovery. 

Congratulations Garg Ji for this wonderful accomplishment..
To express your dedication and efforts in keeping the flag of eFI flying is beyond the scope of words known to me..
It has been altogether a great journey and I feel fortunate to follow and interact with a great team of global experts under your guidance..

Thanks, Nidhan ji. 

Together we are discovering ourselves. 

Congrats. Great achievement by all standards. Wishing you a 1 lakh messages in a short time. 

Thanks, Mahadeswara ji. 

It was a great long enjoyable journey with you. 

congrats ….unbeatable