Plz id this wild plant growing at several spots in Yeoor region. It is around 3 to 4 feet height but maybe it might be the sapling of some tree.

This is Dhaman [Grewia tiliaefolia]. My photographs of this are available in the archives of this group.

It can be either Grewia asiatica L. or Grewia tiliifolia Vahl as comparative size of Peduncles vis a vis the petioles is not known as per keys in BSI Flora of India

However from scrubby nature and papery leaves, I will go for Grewia asiatica


Grewia tiliifolia Vahl.
GREW-ee-uh — named for Nehemiah Grew (1641-1712), an English    physician and author
til-ee-eye-FOH-lee-uh — having leaves like the Linden (Tilia) tree
[image: Dhaman (Marathi: धामण)]<>
Jan 6, 2008 at Vaghbil, Thane
commonly known as: common Indian linden • *Bengali*: dhamin • *Hindi*: धामनी dhamani • *Kannada*: ನಿಮ್ಬೆಗಿಡ nimbegida, ತಡಸಾಲಿ ಹಣ್ಣು tadasaali hannu • *Malayalam*: ധനുവൃക്ഷം dhanuvrksam • *Marathi*: धामण dhaman • *Sanskrit*: धनु व्रिक्ष dhanu vriksha • *Tamil*: ஊணா una • *Telugu*: ధనుర్వృక్షము dhanurvrksamu, తడ tada
Native to: e Africa, s China, India, Myanmar, Indo-China, Malaysia
   – [image: Tada (Telugu: తడ)]<>…
Apr 12, 2009 at Burondi, Maharashtra
– [image: Dhanu vriksha (Sanskrit: धनु व्रिक्ष)]<>…
Dec 29, 2009 at Karnala Bird Sanctuary
– [image: Dhanuvrksam (Malayalam: ധനുവൃക്ഷം)]<>…
Feb 12, 2010 at Karnala Bird Sanctuary
– … more views

Great photographs !!!! Sending some of my recent photographs to complement yours. My previous photographs are available at this link

My apologies. Some of the photographs overlapped for some reason.

I think these images may be of Grewia asiatica L. as Peduncles much longer than petioles as per keys in BSI Flora of India

I think there is a mix up of images from four places/ times as per another thread.

I think 1st & 3rd may be of Grewia asiatica L. and others may be of Grewia tiliifolia

Yes, it is G. tiliifolia 

Pl. have a re look as peduncle appears larger than pedicle, which appears very small.

As there are images from three places, I feel 1st image is certainly of Grewia asiatica