Gossypium barbadense L., Sp. Pl. 693 1753. (syn: Gossypium acuminatum Roxb.; Gossypium arboreum Vell.; Gossypium arboreum subsp. perenne (Blanco) Mauer; Gossypium arboreum f. vaupelii (Graham) Roberty; Gossypium auritum O.F.Cook & J. W. Hubbard; Gossypium barbadense var. acuminatum (Roxb. ex G. Don) Mast.
(ambiguous synonym); Gossypium barbadense var. acuminatum (Roxb. ex G. Don) Triana
& Planch. (ambiguous synonym); Gossypium barbadense var. brasiliense (Macfad.) J.B. Hutch.; Gossypium barbadense var. integrum Griseb.; Gossypium barbadense var. maritimum (Tod.) G.Watt; Gossypium barbadense f. maritimum (Tod.) Roberty; Gossypium barbadense var. pedatum (G. Watt) Roberty; Gossypium barbadense var. peruvianum (Cav.) Mauer; Gossypium barbadense subsp. peruvianum (Cav.) Roberty (ambiguous
synonym); Gossypium barbadense subsp. peruvianum (Cav.) Triana & Planch.
(ambiguous synonym); Gossypium barbadense f. suffruticosum (Bertoloni) Roberty; Gossypium barbadense subsp. vitifolium (Lam.) Roberty; Gossypium barbadense var. vitifolium (Lamarck) Mast. (ambiguous
synonym); Gossypium barbadense f. vitifolium (Lamarck) Roberty; Gossypium barbadense var. vitifolium (Lamarck) Triana &
Planch. (ambiguous synonym); Gossypium brasiliense Macfad.; Gossypium calycotum O.F.Cook & J. W. Hubbard; Gossypium frutescens Lasteyr.; Gossypium frutescens var. maritimum (Tod.) Prokh.; Gossypium guyanense Rafin.; Gossypium guyanense var. braziliense Raf.; Gossypium jumelianum (Tod.) Prokh.; Gossypium lapideum Tussac; Gossypium lapideum subsp. acuminatum (Roxb. ex G. Don) Roberty; Gossypium lapideum subsp. brasiliense (Macfad.) Roberty; Gossypium maritimum Tod.; Gossypium maritimum var. jumelianum Tod.; Gossypium multiglandulosum Phil.; Gossypium pedatum G.Watt; Gossypium perenne Blanco; Gossypium peruvianum Cav.; Gossypium quinacre O.F.Cook & J.W.Hubb’.; Gossypium racemosum Poir. in Lam.; Gossypium rohrianum Rafin.; Gossypium suffruticosum Bertol.; Gossypium vaupelii J. Graham; Gossypium vitifolium Lamarck; Hibiscus barbadensis (L.) Kuntze; Hibiscus barbadensis var. latifolius Kuntze) ?;             
Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela (Amazonas, Apure, Aragua, Bolivar, Carabobo, Delta
Amacuro, Distrito Federal, Guarico, Nueva Esparta, Sucre, Tachira), N-Brazil
(Para, Amazonas, Acre), NE-Brazil (Maranhao), Belize (introduced), Costa Rica
(introduced), Panama (introduced), Colombia (introduced), Galapagos Isl.
(introduced), S-Mexico (introduced), Nicaragua (introduced), Guyana
(introduced), Surinam (introduced), French Guiana (introduced), Bolivia
(introduced), Chile (introduced), Cayman Isl. (introduced), Cuba (introduced),
Hispaniola (introduced), Jamaica (introduced), Puerto Rico (introduced), Virgin
Isl. (introduced) (Jost van Dyke (introduced), St. Croix (introduced), St. John
(introduced), St. Thomas (introduced), Tortola (introduced), Virgin Gorda
(introduced)), Lesser Antilles (introduced) (Anguilla (introduced), Antigua
(introduced), Barbados (introduced), Barbuda (introduced), Dominica
(introduced), Guadeloupe (introduced), Martinique (introduced), Montserrat
(introduced), St. Kitts (introduced), St. Lucia (introduced)), Isla Margarita
(introduced), Tobago (introduced), Trinidad (introduced), Christmas Isl. (Austr.
(introduced)), Australia (introduced) (Queensland (introduced)), Nepal
(introduced), Java (introduced), European Russia (introduced), Turkmenistan
(introduced), China (introduced) (Guangdong (introduced), Guangxi (introduced),
Uzbekistan (introduced), Yunnan (introduced), Hainan (introduced)), Tajikistan
(introduced), trop. Africa (introduced), Annobon Isl. (introduced), Cameroon
(introduced), Gabon (introduced), Socotra (introduced), Principe Isl. (c), Sao
Tome (c), Mozambique (introduced), Chad (introduced), Bioko Isl. (Fernando Poo)
(introduced), South Sudan (introduced), Benin (introduced), Togo (introduced),
Burkina Faso (introduced), Cook Isl. (introduced) (Rarotonga (introduced)),
Marquesas Isl. (introduced), Marshall Isl. (introduced) (Utirik (introduced),
Kwajalein (introduced), Majuro (introduced), Arno (introduced), Jaluit
(introduced)), Micronesia (introduced) (Truk (introduced), Tol (introduced),
Fefan (introduced), Pohnpei (introduced)), Nauru (introduced), Northern Marianas
(introduced) (Maug? (introduced), Agrihan? (introduced)), Society Isl.
(introduced) (Tahiti (introduced), Moorea (introduced), Raiatea (introduced),
Maupiti (introduced), Bora Bora (introduced)), Southern Marianas (introduced)
(Saipan (introduced), Tinian (introduced), Guam (introduced)), Austral Isl.
(introduced) (Tubuai (introduced)), Hawaii (introduced) (Niihau (introduced),
Kauai (introduced), Oahu (introduced), Molokai (introduced), Lanai (introduced),
Hawaii Isl. (introduced)), Andamans (introduced) (South Andamans (introduced)),
Nicobars (introduced) (Car Nicobar Isl. (introduced)),
Java (introduced), New
Caledonia (introduced), Fiji (introduced), American Samoa (introduced) (Manua
Isl. (introduced)), Niue (introduced), Tonga (introduced) (Vava’u (introduced)),
Marquesas Isl. (introduced), Myanmar [Burma] (introduced), Darjeeling
(introduced), India (introduced), Sri Lanka (introduced),
(introduced), Laos (introduced), Vietnam (introduced), Lakshadweep Isl.
(Laccadives) (introduced), Maldives (introduced), Morocco (c), Libya (c), Canary
Isl. (introduced) (Gran Canaria (introduced))
as per Catalogue of Life;



Submission of Gossypium babedens : 1 post by 1 author.

I had gone through Gossypium page, here is another species

Plant name: Gossypium barbadense L., Sp. Pl. 2: 693. 1753.
Family: Malvaceae
ver.name: errapatti, ఎర్ర పత్తి   paidipatti పైడి పత్తి , pamidipatti, పమిడి పత్తి 
shrubs, perennial, 2-3 m tall,;leaf blade, with black glandular spots; leaf blade 3-5-lobed, 7-12 cm in diam., ;Flowers terminal or axillary. Pedicel usually shorter than petiole, ; Epicalyx lobes 5 or more, free, broadly ovate, 3.5-5 cm, base rounded-cordate, 10-15-toothed, teeth 3-4 × as long as wide. Calyx cup-shaped, truncate, with black glandular spots. Corolla pale yellow, purple or crimson in center, funnelform; petals 5-8 cm, stellate villous abaxially. Staminal column 3.5-4 cm, glabrous; filaments closely appressed, upper ones longer. Capsule 3(or 4)-celled, oblong to oblong-ovoid, 3-7 cm, with obvious glandular spots abaxially, base larger, apex acute to beaked. Seeds black and smooth when hair fallen, free or aggregated, ovoid

How is it different from Gossypium hirsutum L.
From where your posted plant was collected ?

HirsutumSeeds free, ovoid, with white wool and gray-white moderately persistent short fuzz. 

barbedensSeeds black and smooth when hair fallen, free or aggregated, ovoid, ca. 8 mm, beaked, with white wool and easily detached short fuzz on one or both tips; staminal column longer than corolla nearly 4 cm long;
it was cultivated in our house long back; the flower image is missing.

May I request you to pl. also go through the following and confirm:

May I seek your comments based on Monograph pl. as I am still confused between the two as keys are not very clear to me.
It says Gossypium barbadense is seldom cultivated for commercial cotton, but is often grown in the gardens.