Leptodermis griffithii Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 198 1881. ;

Assam as per WCSP;



Request ID of the small shrub : 11 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)

Request your kind help in identifying a small shrub
Photographed in East Khasi Hills in June 2017

Thanks … for sharing this.. I have also shot this from Shillong this year..

It is a Leptodermis sp. but I think it neither matches L. lanceolata nor L. kumaonensis..

Thanks, … 

Pl. check with images at 
As corolla appears pubescent outside, it may be 

Does not matches with images at Leptodermis kumaonensis also.
Pl. check with images at Leptodermis stapfiana
To me it appears close.
Is there any other species found in Meghalaya ?

Haven’t progressed much with this much further than the genus name Leptodermis.

Leptodermis lanceolata Wall.  ?? 

No, … as outer side of corolla is pubescent. 

There is a possibility of the shrub being Leptodermis griffithii Hk. f. 
L. griffithii has creamy/ white flowers often with purplish throat. 
In my case the flowers were all cream/ white without the purplish throat. Also, my specimen has a hairy throat, that is not mentioned in the description that i have seen. 
More on it as I come across more descriptions. 

Thanks, … Again I could not find any image of this species on google search.

Attaching a description of it in Flora of British India to aid description
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Success at last!!!

It is Leptodermis griffithii Hk. f. I do have a flower with purplish throat. Attaching some more pictures of it for the website so that it is easier to identify in future.
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