ID No.29062011 Syzygium for ID_1: Help to ID the sp.

Date/Time-21/3/2011. Location- Assam, Habitat- Wild Type. Plant Habit- Moderate Tree. Leaves Size- 10-14 X 4-7cm. Inflorescence – as seen in the photos.

As far as I can compare with my references and pictures, I think it is Syzygium inophyllum DC., Prodr. 3: 260 (1828)

Please check Syzygium zeylanicum

As far as I know the leaves of Syzygium zeylanicum are much smaller and shorter, the fruits are smaller and white. I have got some pictures of S. zeylanicum.

Leaf size varies as per shade and water availability.

Here the leaves and brown branch-lets (including flowering and fruiting inflorescence branches as well) are very much matches with characters of S. zeylanicum. Yes, as you said the fruits are white for S. zeylanicum. But I think that it turns to white at maturity. When it is young it is light green I guess.

This is very much similar to the ones that I use to see in Sringeri and other places in Karnataka. The only exception is the color of fruits that, I guess, is because these fruits are immature.
I request … also to have a look at this post and try sort things out.

Does not matches with Syzygium inophyllum as per the following:
Also fruits looks different from images at Syzygium zeylanicum (L.) DC. and those available on net.
Can it be Syzygium salicifolium (Wight) J.Graham as per images herein although I could not find any fruit image on net ?