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Giant Alive Painting
* Challenging canvas of 700 sq meters of knee deep mud.
* Scintillating alive medium of coloured rice seedlings that create ripples on wind.
* Innovative art form that preserves traditional hand skills in paddy plantation.

Paddy Art event at Gorhe budruk, Sinhagad road near Pune is in the third year of creation. It was flagged off with a Ganesh image in 2016 and was followed by an image of Black Panther last year. This year’s Paddy Art presents a 50×70 feet image of Emerald Dove, a rare bird of Sahyadri’s evergreen forests. In the ensuing years, the Paddy Art event contemplates to present rare fauna elements of Sahyadri forests. The Malabar Gliding Frog and The Black Eagle images are earmarked for coming years.

Emerald Dove is found in the shady equitorial forests from peninsular India to south-east Asia. It can be seen at places like Matheran, Bhimashankar, Mahabaleshwar, Koyna, Amboli and Goa. The pigeon shaped birds alight on forest clearings to feed on fallen fruits and seeds. They are also seen picking up grains spilled on roads from the passing  vehicles. The shy birds vanish in the dense forest on slightest intrusion. Preserving the forest habitat is the only way to conserve this rare beautiful bird. Emerald Dove is honoured as a stately bird by the government of Tamil Nadu.

Wow, this is simple superb.. Hearty Congratulations …

Excellent! I have Ganesha, given by …

impressive. Emerald dove in paddy plants.  

yes … Shrikant had showed this Ganesha paininting in paddy field 
green and gold
green and black or darker color 
we have a thread that showed the close up of the colored plants

Amazing Emerald Dove in a Paddy field!

Simply scintillating. Thanks, … for posting 

Beautiful art and a touching message for preserving the traditional paddy cultivation and conserving the Western Ghat rain forests. 

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