Mackaya indica (Nees) Ensermu, Kew Bull. 47(4): 673 1992. (syn: Asystasia thyrsacanthus T. Anders.; Eranthemum indicum (Nees) C. B. Cl.; Odontonemella indica (Nees) Lindau; Pseuderanthemum indicum (Nees) A. M. & J. M. Cowan; Thyrsacanthus indicus Nees);
India (E-Himalaya, NE-India), Myanmar [Burma], Bhutan, Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;

Shrub 1-2.5m. Strem erect, brown, glabrous. Leaves elliptic, 3-21 x 1.5-8cm, shortly acuminate, cuneate at base, glabrous, paler beneath, often deciduous on higher altitude plants at flowering time; petiole 0.5-6cm. Inflorescence of lax terminal and axillary racemes, those in leaf axils shorter and always solitary; racemes 1-19cm, flowers usually in opposite pairs, internodes up to 1.5cm below, less above; rhachis glabrous or puberulent; pedicles 0-5mm. Bracts linear-triangular, c 2mm. Calyx c 4mm, puberulent, lobes lanceolate, acuminate. Corolla white or pink with darker red veins, 2.5-3cm, finely glandular-pubescent, tube ventricose from near base, 5-lobed but weakly 2-lipped. Stamens included, anthers muticous. Style persistent long after the corolla falls. Capsule 2.5-3cm, glabrous.

Fl. December-April
In moist subtropical forest especially in wooded gullies.
(Attributions- A.J.C. GRIERSON & D.G. LONG. Flora of Bhutan. Published by RBGE and RGOB. 2001 from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)


Id requested for Gesneriaceae member. : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Id requested for Geasneriaceae member.
(Picture send by my friend)
Place : Latpanchor, Darjeeling
Date : 25 February 2019

Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures. I think it is Acanthaceae, most probably Mackaya indica (Nees) Ensermu.


herb for id mm 05082012:

small herb with large leaves and a single flower about 4 to 5 cm long,
it was growing wild near a garbage dump inside darjeeling botanical gardens,
first week of april,
wondering if it can be be identified

I can also see this image, Acanthaceae member….

It looks like a member of Phlogacanthus (not sure but).

Mackaya macrocarpa (Wall. ex Nees) Das !

I think it is more closer to Mackaya indica (Nees) Ensermu as per Plant illustrations

I too think it is closer to Mackaya indica


Id of Flower -ID05032024SH3: 1 high res. image.

Flower for Id pl.
Location – Kolakham, Kalimpong Dist., West Bengal
Date – February 2024

Asystasia macrocarpa Nees. But images insufficient.

I am sorry, I have two more images but they are almost same. The flowers look very similar to Asystasia violacea which are found in Kaas Plateau of Maharashtra.





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