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What is this structure seen on leaves (of Leea ?).
Location – Sirsi (North Karnataka)
Date – September 2019

Gall ? 

I too am interested to know what this persistent structure is. I have always been thinking it to be some kind of sheath/ leaf bud/ stipule.

how about a leafhopper insect, before it has unfurled its wings, and that’s why we are not seeing the veins on the wings?

Thanks … I too thought it to be some external growth like Gall …
…, You mean to say the structure itself being an insect before the formation of a gall ? I don’t think so. Because i observed it closely and keenly and didn’t find any movement. Saw this structure on many leaves on our way to a waterfall.
That reminds me of very beautiful and colorful galls I had seen in Yeoor Forest (SGNP) few years back. Enclosing two photos of the same.
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yes these are galls without any doubts. the other idea about insect was just that an idea. also an unknown entity raises a lot of questions.
there are so many thing on this earth that we know almost nothing about.
I perhaps would have taken another twig and tried to wake up the “insect”. I don know.
there has be a reason why that structure was green and almost camouflaged? lets think about it and keep looking

You are right … Nature throws so many surprises which we ignore at times. I should have been more thoughtful.

live and learn. I do. my parents did and their parents… and ad infinatum

I think … is right. It is Sheath (The base of a leaf or leafstalk (petiole) which encases the stem) as per Biotik & Leea indica & Leea asiatica

I think its a butterfly pupa if its that abundant. take a few of 8 or 10 inch twig with the pupa home.  let it hang in a comfortable palce at least 21 days and see what transpires. every citizen scientist can do that. ask … for advice. in usa I have seen similar colored pupa of monarch butterflies, I even nurtured some. they change colors, fade as it gets closer to  maturing. 

Unfortunately it’s not possible now as I am back from Sirsi to Mumbai. Next time If I come across such structure, I”ll surely try studying but I too feel it’s some extension of a leaf or a twig.

good. just something to remember when we run into these kind a objects

No. it is not. It is a Sheath (The base of a leaf or leafstalk (petiole) which encases the stem) as per Biotik & Leea indica & Leea asiatica
Pl. see the details at the given links.

I too agree …

I looked at those three links. yes it does look like its a protective sheath for the next branch to come.
thank you. live and learn, as I say

Resembles Leea indica