Flora of British India and other old literatures are available in IBIS Flora, from which one can copy and paste in our discussions.
Here are the steps to follow:
3. Right species or genus name in Search Box like Rungia parviflora
4. Click on LITRATURE Tab under Rungia parviflora Nees
5. Under BOOK EXCERPTS, there are two book mentioned as below:
The Flora of the Bombay Presidency         
The Flora of British India         
6. Click on the link of the one you want to see the details of.

Most of such old floras are available on Biodiversity Library and I can see they have used the same.
Please feel free to ask me for links of any old books, you never know, I might be having them in my huge personal library. I have nearly 3300+ references on my computer plus my articles, these don’t include most of the free online old books and books for which I have hard copies.
But, while asking, please be specific to what you need. I got an email once to send all orchid references to one orchid expert in India, I REFUSED.
I must add that this IBIS website looks like a good effort to bring lot of information at one place and they have been very smartly using other website links. INTERESTING.

Thanks, … We generally require this sparingly and that too for a particular species.
Advantage here is that we can quickly search and afterwards- can copy and paste, in our discussions.

But problem is that it was not working for a long time. Hope IBIS Flora link keeps working in future.

Just WONDERFUL !!!!!!! 

I can’t thank You enough !!! 

I have all seven volumes of FBI downloaded in 2010, easy to use, I refer to them quite often for comparison, plus Bailey Manual, Fl. Simlensis. 


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