Iphiona grantioides (Boiss.) Anderb., Nordic J. Bot. 5(2): 184 (1985):. 184 1985. (syn: Callistephus cuneatus Dalz. ex Cooke; Helenium grantiodes (Boiss.) Kuntze; Inula cutchica C. B. Cl.; Inula grantioides Boiss.);
Oman (Dhofar), Iran (E-Iran, S-Iran), Pakistan (Karachi, Sind, Baluchistan, Waziristan, N.W.Frontier Prov., Karakorum, Salt Range), NW-India (Gujarat) as per Catalogue of Life;

Identification of plant species : 13 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (2) – 1 & 2 mb.
Please find the attachment of Photographs that need to be identified.

Please check Asteraceae (Compositae) !

Soliva anthemifolia ??

I think looks different from images at Soliva anthemifolia
When and where were these clicked/ taken ?

District Patan Gujarat. Date – month of October

Looks close to Iphiona aucheri of Asteraceae posted by me from Oman earlier.

Please provide any literature for its occurrence in India (If available). Because I am unable to get any information for this plant.

Different from Iphiona aucheri (Boiss.) Anderb. as per images and details herein.

But appears close.
I could not find a match as per comparative images at Inuleae
On further searching, I think it is Iphiona grantioides as per specimens at GBIF
Pl. see specimen as below:
I think it matches.

Yes sir. Thanks


id please 1: 3 images.
Location katchh (Gujarat)
date 7/10/2022
local name mata patri

Asteraceae ??

please confirm sir it is Inula cutchica syn Iphiona grantioides

ID seems correct !

Yes, appears close as per images at Iphiona grantioides


Need ID: yellow desert aster: 3 images.
Sandstone shale soil

Chrysanthellum indicum DC. ?? Chrysanthellum americanum (L.) Vatke  ??

I do not think so. Pl. see

I think this is Iphiona grantioides (as per images at link below):



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