Crepis capillaris (L.) Wallr., Erst. Beitr. Fl. Hercyn. 287 (1840) 657 1840. (syn: Berinia stricta Sch. Bip.; Crepis agrestis Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd. (ambiguous synonym); Crepis bauhiniana Tausch; Crepis candollei Sch. Bip.; Crepis capillaris var. agrestis (Waldst. & Kit.) Dalla Torre & Sarnth.; Crepis capillaris subsp. arvensis (Waldst. & Kit.) R. Knapp; Crepis capillaris f. bischoffii Soo; Crepis capillaris f. integra (Bischoff) Soo; Crepis cooperi A. Gray; Crepis diffusa DC.; Crepis dioscoridis Pourr. ex Willk. & Lange (ambiguous synonym); Crepis gaditana Boiss.; Crepis lanceolata Kit. (ambiguous synonym); Crepis leiosperma Gaud. ex DC.; Crepis linifolia Thuill.; Crepis longe-pinnatifida Chev.; Crepis lusitanica Boiss. ex Sch. Bip.; Crepis neglecta Bieb. (ambiguous synonym); Crepis nemorum Pourr. ex Willk. & Lange; Crepis parviflora Moench (ambiguous synonym); Crepis pinnatifida Willd. (ambiguous synonym); Crepis polymorpha Wallr. (ambiguous synonym); Crepis pulchra Scop. ex Steud. (ambiguous synonym); Crepis tectorum Huds. (ambiguous synonym); Crepis umbellata Thuill. (ambiguous synonym); Crepis uniflora Thuill.; Crepis variabilis Krock.; Crepis virens L.; Crepis virens var. diffusa Bischoff; Crepis virens f. integra Bischoff; Hieracium pulchrum Froel. ex Steud. (ambiguous synonym); Hieracium virens (Vill.) E. H. L. Krause; Lapsana capillaris L.);
Europe to Caucasus: Albania, Austria, Azores, Baltic States, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Is., Corse, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, North European Russi, Northwest European R, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sicilia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Transcaucasus, Ukraine, West Himalaya, Yugoslavia; Introduced into: Alaska, Alberta, Arkansas, Bolivia, British Columbia, California, Cape Provinces, Chatham Is., Colombia, Colorado, Connecticut, Costa Rica, Delaware, District of Columbia, Ecuador, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Juan Fernández Is., Kentucky, KwaZulu-Natal, Madeira, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New South Wales, New York, New Zealand North, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Peru, Québec, Rhode I., South Australia, Tasmania, Tennessee, Texas, Tristan da Cunha, Utah, Vermont, Victoria, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Western Australia, Wisconsin as per POWO;
England, Channel Isl., Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, France, Andorra, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Corsica, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Serbia & Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, NW- & N-European Russia, Georgia [Caucasus], Azores (Santa Maria Isl., Sao Miguel Isl., Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico, Faial, Flores Isl., Corvo Isl.), Madeira (I) (Madeira Isl. (I)), Canary Isl. (Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma Isl.), ?Morocco, Hawaii (I) (Hawaii Isl. (I)), India (Himachal Pradesh), Jammu & Kashmir, Canada (I) (Alberta (I), British Columbia (I), New Brunswick (I), Nova Scotia (I), Ontario (I), Quebec (I)), Alaska (I), USA (I) (Arkansas (I), California (I), Colorado (I), Connecticut (I), Delaware (I), District of Columbia (I), Idaho (I), Illinois (I), Indiana (I), Iowa (I), Kentucky (I), Maine (I), Maryland (I), Massachusetts (I), Michigan (I), Mississippi (I), Missouri (I), Montana (I), Nevada (I), New Hampshire (I), New Jersey (I), New York (I), North Carolina (I), North Dakota (I), Ohio (I), Oregon (I), Pennsylvania (I), Rhode Island (I), Tennessee (I), Texas (I), Utah (I), Vermont (I), Virginia (I), Washington (I), West Virginia (I), Wisconsin (I)), Costa Rica (I), Australia (I) (Western Australia (I), South Australia (I), New South Wales (I), Victoria (I), Tasmania (I)), Tristan da Cunha (I), Peru (I), Chile (I), Bolivia (I), Argentina (I), Ecuador (I), Colombia (I), Hispaniola (I), South Africa (I) (KwaZulu-Natal (I), E-Cape Prov. (I)), New Zealand (I), Chatham Isl. (I), Juan Fdz. Isl. (I) as per Catalogue of Life;


My Pending Identifications: Chakrata- Unid Asteraceae:: NS MARCH 17 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5).

This tiny Composite was shot from periphery of Chakrata town in August 2013…

please provide your inputs for the id.. can this be a Crepis sp.

Crepis species so far in efi

Crepis multicaulis Ledeb. ??

Appears close to  Crepis sancta (L.) Bornm. , but I do not find stem leaves like this in GBIF– specimen

Flora of China says Stem leaves 0-2, much reduced in size, linear, margin entire.
Another species which appeared close was Askellia flexuosabut I am not satisfied after going through specimens at GBIF and FoC illustration.
I am leaning more towards Crepis sancta (L.) Bornm.

Neither C. sancta nor C. multicaulis, none has auricled leaf bases in cauline leaves

Is there any closeup image of the Whole plant. Please have a look on Crepis capillaris.

Yes appear close.

Please also check probability of Ixeridium sagittarioides (C. B. Clarke) Pak & Kawano. Please note that flowering time doesn’t tally with literatures.




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