Coleus plantagineus (Hook.f.) A.J.Paton, PhytoKeys 129: 84 (2019) (syn: Anisochilus plantagineus Hook.f.);
SW. India as per WCSP (Coleus plantagineus (Hook.f.) A.J.Paton, PhytoKeys 129: 84 (2019));  



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This plant was spotted near Mullayangiri peak, Karnataka (alt.approx. 5500ft to 6000ft ).
Date/Time: 25-01-2014 / 02:30PM
Habitat: Wild (On the rocky cliffs at high altitudes)
Plant habit: Shrub

nice photos…..unknown to me

Interesting find. Looks like a Lamiaceae member.

… Any chance of Orthosiphon ? or.. Plectranthus ?

… has indicated that this could be Anisochilus verticillatus..

… is correct 

Thanks a lot, …, for id of … plant.
May I request you to pl. have a look at this plant & help us in the id of this Anisochilus species pl.

This is not Anisochilus adenanthus (Syn: Anisochilus verticillatus Hook.f.) as per feedback in another thread: Fwd: identification of Anisochilus

Anisochilus dysophylloides Benth. = Coleus dysophylloides (Benth.) A.J.Paton, 

the one with the simple unbranched inflorescence is Anisochilus plantagineus Hook. f. = Coleus plantagineus (Hook.f.) A.J.Paton

This will be Anisochilus plantagineus Hook.f. as per references herein.

Pl. correct in FOI.

Anisochilus dysophylloides Benth. is different as per images and references herein.

Thanks a lot … for sorting this out.

This plant is Coleus plantagineus (Hook.f.) A.J.Paton 

Synonym : Anisochilus plantagineus Hook.f.


WCSP (Coleus plantagineus (Hook.f.) A.J.Paton, PhytoKeys 129: 84 (2019))  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  IPNI
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