Pimpinella tirupatiensis N.P.Balakr. & Subram., Bull. Bot. Surv. India 2: 427 1960.;

India (E-Ghats (Andhra Pradesh)) as per Catalogue of Life;



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Plant name: Pimpinella tirupatiensis N.P.Balkr. & Subr. In Bull. Bot.Sur.India2: 427-428,1960.

Family:  Apiaceae;

Local name: kondakothimera

It is a rare and endemic medicinal plant and restricted to the Seshachalam hills of the Eastern Ghats, India.

Description: Erect herb with perennial tuberous root stock, 30-100 cm tall. Tap root thick, fleshy, fusiform, tapering and grows inside the soil up to about 50 cm. The upper two-third portion is rough while lower one-third is smooth to touch. The root bark is very thin and peels off easily.  Stem simple below, branched above,  striate; glabrous. Basal leaves simple, ovate-obtuse or acute, deeply cordate 1.7 – 3.8 x 1.3 – 3.8 cm, petiole 2.5 – 7.8 cm long , sheathing at base; cauline leaves small, palmately 3-partite. Flowers very small, white, 5-16, in compound umbles bracteoles 1-2, very small, linear. Petals 1 mm long, glabrous, obovate, sub-orbicular, apex inflexed; styles small, slender, 1mm long; stylopod conical, yellowish brown, persistent. Fruits 1.5 mm long, ovoid, papillose-scrabrous.