Excoecaria bussei (Pax) Pax, Pflanzenr. IV, 147, V: 169 1912. (syn: Excoecaria sambesica Pax & K.Hoffm.; Sapium bussei Pax);

Kenya to Caprivi Strip as per WCSP;

Botswana; Caprivi Strip; Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe as per Catalogue of Life;



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While checking my old photographs I came upon this picture.
Will appreciate the ID
Seems a medium sized tree with green fruits

a member of Euphorbiaceae or Phyllanthaceae 

it looks like Blachia species to me.

No idea.

Thanks … It’s difficult to ID when no further details available. Even I can’t tell about size also. But a nice lead. It has to be from Western ghats only.
Lets see if any other information comes out.

Somehow the fruit reminded me of the ones I photographed in Lalbagh, Bangalore of Vernicia fordii, Syn Aleurites fordii of Euphorbiaceae. But the leaves are different. 
I can post them if required.

Looks different from species of Blachia so far in efi site as per comparative images herein and also from Vernicia fordii 

Also could not find a match as per comparative images at Euphorbiaceae

Cleistanthus sp ?

This does not look native. I think this may be Excocaria bussei. Was it by any chance photographed in Pune University?

Appears close to Excoecaria bussei (Pax) Pax as per

Sometimes back, same plant images came to me from Assam for identification purpose.

I was puzzled as to the identity. The only match appears to be Excoecaria crenulata!

It was identified as Excocaria bussei (an exotic) by …

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