Thanks for keeping me in the loop despite my slow response. However, I have not been able to access the pictures for examination. I am interested in Himalayan especially alpine plants.

I could not follow you.

Whenever I try to open the link showing the plants (main post) it does not  work. There is no problem whenever you send separate posts to me.

Thanks, …
I just clicked on the top link in the Today’s topic summary at [efloraofindia:203940] Herbaceous plant of Alpine region for ID
It comes down to this discussion but does not show any images. I further clicked here at the link provided at …more link as below:
“Forwarding again for Id assistance please, for this Veronica species.

Does not match with comparative images in efi site at Veronica …more “<- Click here.

It takes us to this link showing all details including images.
If you want I can put you on ‘All mail option’ instead of ‘Abdriged summary’, where you will not face any such problem, but will be getting a lot of mails, everyday.

Thanks a lot, … Now I understand. Abridged summary would be fine for me.