Veronica anagalis aquatica !

Yes Veronica anagalis aquatica

And this is a very nice capture from you as the flowers are too small.

A reply from David ji:
“Your flowering photos have the bracts far too long, longer than the  pedicels: V. anagallis-aquatica has bracts shorter than the pedicels.
I would suggest yours would be V. catenata, which fits the flower colour well too, although your flowers are rather dense.”

Actually, in contrast to my last email, I remember there is a description in Flora of Turkey of V. lysimachioides, which has 50-150 flowers (7-)10-17(-22) per cm, presumably rather like yours. So perhaps that might put aside the V. catenata idea, which didn’t seem to explain your density of flowers.
I’ve attached its description from that Flora. It’s been merged in Turkey into Veronica anagallis-aquatica, but perhaps other authorities/countries keep it separate or do other things with it.
The description does allow bracts slightly longer than fruiting pedicels, and a glance at web pictures of it (without verifying them) bears that out, although your bracts seem to be rather long.


The caution about that one is that it is described as having a glabrous inflorescence, whereas yours isn’t. So what yours must be is quite interesting.
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ID seems to be correct !


Veronica anagalis aquatica: 1 high res. image.
Habit image of Veronica sp.

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