Euphorbia erythroclada Boiss., Prodr. 15(2): 25 1862. (syn: Chamaesyce erythroclada (Boiss.) Soják; Euphorbia oligantha Boiss. [Illegitimate]);
W. India as per WCSP;
Common name: Red-Branch Spurge


Euphorbia erythroclada Boiss. (Euphorbiaceae) : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)

Euphorbia erythroclada Boiss. (Euphorbiaceae) West Indian spurge / Rare plant
Thane rural, Maharashtra 2014 September

This is Euphorbia erythroclada Boiss. The lobed limbs of the cyathial glands are a distinctive feature of this species.


Requesting ID: Euphorbia species (2): 4 images.

This is from the same area as the one before. Looks slightly different in color.
Size similar though.

Habitat and full plant ?

Moyar dry forests, Nilgiris, TN.
The photographs are of the full plant. I have attached two more pictures here.
2 images.

Pl. check comparative images at Euphorbia

Resembles thymifolia

This appears to be Euphorbia erythroclada Boiss.
However I suggest you check the characters with the description of the species in ‘The genus Euphorbia of India’ by Binojkumar & N.P. Balakrishnan.



Euphorbia FOR VALIDATION :: Khopoli Mangaon Road :: 02OCT16 : 6 posts by 4 authors. 2 images.
ID please. Is this some species of Euphorbia ?

Date: 02 OCT 2016
Place: along Khopoli Mangaon Road
Habit: erect slender branched herb with slender stem, about 60 – 70 cm high, tiny flowers just about 2 mm across
I was not able to get more photos due to incessant rain at the site. Will be happy to know the genus level ID if these photos suffice.

The genus seems to be okay.

This is Euphorbia pycnostegia Boiss. var. zornioides (Boiss.) Santapau, common in Maharashtra, Konkan, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, usually in moist grasslands.

Hello all this is probably Euphorbia erythroclada The limb of the gland in the first photo is wavy or lobed I have seen this species twice (Dolkhamb and  Shahapur hills) here are some photos

I think you are right for id as Euphorbia erythroclada as per images and details herein.

This appears to be E. cristata Heyne ex Roth. However the limbs of the glands are not clear. If they are pectinate-lobed then it may be E. cristata. Please advise the nature, then it can be confirmed.

May I request you to post a close up of the flowers, so that … can see the details.
Pl. also pursue GBIF specimens.

I am attaching the original size photos here (one-by-one); but I am afraid they would be of any help. I do not have any closeups taken at that time.

the second original …
2 high res. images.

Euphorbia cristata looks different to me as per GBIF specimens- onetwothree


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