Checklist of Flora of Ladakh : 4 posts by 2 authors.
Pl. find Ladakh checklist by L. Klimeš and B. Dickoré as published in 2009 as per
I think it may be more reliable as far as Ladakh Flora is concerned. BSI Floras of India may have been published much earlier. It may even be better than Catalogue of Life and POWO, in many instances, where this data has not been considered by them.

Yes …, it should be reliable.

Yes … It is a useful document.

One can also see Flora of Ladakh: An Annotated Inventory of Flowering Plants by Achuta Nand Shukla & S. K. Srivastava published in Feb.2020 at Tamarix ramosissima in FOI


Check list of Ladakh Flora:
Sometimes back one of our member has posted Checklist of flowering plants of Ladakh.
I somehow misplaced it. Request for repost.

Here it is, Kashmir including Ladakh. I hope you wanted this one.
You can download from here, being 41 mb I can’t share directly
1972 Flora of West Pakistan–Annotated Catalogue of Vascular Plants of West Pakistan and Kashmir by Stewart s.pdf – Pahar

Here is more recent shared by …
Pl. find Ladakh checklist by L. Klimeš and B. Dickoré as published in 2009 as per

Here are some that I have
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