Impatiens radiata Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 1: 476 1875. (syn: Impatiens centiflora H. Lév.Impatiens racemosa Hook. fil. & Thoms.);
Nepal to S. Central China and N. Thailand: Assam, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet  as per POWO;
Nepal, Bhutan, India (Assam, NE-India, W-Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya), Sikkim, Darjeeling, China (Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan), Tibet, Myanmar [Burma] (Chin) as per Catalogue of Life;

Annual herbs, about 60-100 cm tall. Stems erect, simple or branched, robust, glabrous, leaf bases with 2 stalked globose stipular glands, clustered or whorled in the apices, ovate-elliptic to elliptic oblong, about 5-16 x 2-6.5 cm across, base attenuate, margins crenate with few red filiform appendages on the crenations, apex acuminate, lateral veins about 8-12 on either side of the midrib, green above and paler beneath, petiole slender, about 2-10 cm long. Inflorescence resupinate, in upper leaf axils, many flowered verticellate with spreading rays of flower-stalks arranged in whorls, peduncles about 8-16 cm long, with 2-5 whorls of pedicels, about 1.5-2 cm long. Flowers bisexual, zygomorphic, yellow or pale purplish, about 2.5 cm across, bracts ovate with glandular tip, persistent, about 1.5 cm long, sepals 3, imbricate, 2 lateral ones flat, small, ovate, with stout glandular 1 mm long glandular points, glabrous, posterior sepal (Lip) large, petaloid, shallow navicular, about 3-5 mm long, spurred, spur filiform, abruptly constricted, straight, tip swollen, rose colored, about 6-12 mm long, upper standard petal, keeled or cucullate, ovate, apex rostellate, about 4 x 3 mm long, lateral ones (wings or alae), fused in pairs, about 9-12 mm long, basal lobes ovate-triangular, about 2-3 x 1.5-2 mm across, distal lobes narrow ovate just above middle, apex apiculate, about 6-9 x 3-4 mm across. Stamens 5, anthers bi-locular. Ovary 5 locular. Fruit indehiscent, capsule, narrow fusiform or linear, about 1.5 cm long, swollen in the middle, glabrous. Seeds obovoid.

Eastern Himalayas, altitude about 1500-3650 m.
Asia: Bhutan, China, India: Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Sikkim, West Bengal, Myanmar, Nepal
(Attributions- Ganeshaiah, K. N., UAS, Bangalore, India. Kailash, B. R., ATREE, Bangalore, India. Royal Norwegian Embassy grants. Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN), Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi as per India Biodiversity Portal)

Impatiens radiata Hook.f. : 10 posts by 1 author. 9 images- 5 to 7 mb each.
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  October 2020 
Elevation: 2600m.
Habitat  : Wild

Impatiens radiata


species of Impatiens for Id: 2 images.

can anyone identify this species of Impatiens
Picture taken at Arunachal Pradesh
August 2019

Impatiens radiata Hook.fil.

Sorry I don’t have better pictures but I think it’s correctly identified as Impatiens radiata by …

Yes, that is true.

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