Impatiens siangensis Gogoi, Phytotaxa 192: 117 (2015);
Arunachal Pradesh as per POWO;
Common name: Siang Balsam

Impatiens sp. for ID plz.
Loc.: On way to Seijosa, (ca 500 m); East Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh
Date: May 2009
Growing wild.

Impatiens paramjitiana Gogoi & Borah ??

Thanks, …, for the id. Yes, appears close to images of Impatiens paramjitiana at Flowers of India and Novataxa

Impatiens siangensis Gogoi


Posted by Ritesh ji in 2013 and published as new species in 2015
Posted by Ritesh ji in 2013 in efloraofindia and published as new species in 2015 by Rajib Gogoi ji. Pl. see details at Impatiens siangensis
Again highlighting that many new species are posted here before these are published.





References: POWO  Flowers of India
Impatiens siangensis (Balsaminaceae), a new species from Arunachal Pradesh, India– January 2015 Phytotaxa 1 9 2(2):117-120

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