Clinopodium capitellatum (Benth.) Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 2: 515 1891. (syn: Marrubium malcolmianum Dalzell; Micromeria capitellata Benth.; Micromeria malcolmiana Benth. ex Hook.f.; Satureja capitellata (Benth.) Briq.);
W. Himalaya to S. India as per POWO;

Benth, in DC. Prodr. v. 12 (1848) p. 218. A highly aromatic herb 1-2 ft. high with woody rootstock ; stems slender, erect, quadrangular, pubescent, sometimes tinged with purple. Leaves 1/2-1 by 1/4-5/8 in., ovate, subobtuse, pubescent on both sides, gland- dotted, crenate or entire, ciliate ; petioles 1/6-1/5 in long. Flowers in verticillate distant cymes in the axils of floral leaves which become smaller upwards, the lower cymes pedunculate, the upper sessile, the whole forming a long spicate raceme ; bracts small, linear-lanceolate, pubescent. Calyx in flower 1/10 in. long, hairy and glandular ; teeth 1/30 in. long, lanceolate-subulate, erect, ciliate. Corolla 1/8 in. long, pubescent outside, 2-lipped ; upper lip pale-violet almost white, about 1/30 in. long, oblong, subtruncate, slightly notched ; lower lip darker violet, twice as long as the upper, 3-lobed, the lobes spreading, the middle one the largest. Nutlets 1/30 in. long, ellipsoid, the inner face slightly angular, the dorsal face rounded, smooth, brown. Fl. B. I. v. 4, p. 649 ; Woodr, in Journ, Bomb. Nat. v. 12 (1899) p. 362 ; Prain, Beng. Pl. p. 852 ; Watt, Dict. Econ. Prod. v. 5, p. 244. Micromeria Malcomiana, Dalz, ex Dalz. & Gibs. Bo. Fl. (1861) p. 209. M. piperita ?, Grah. Cat. p. 151 (not of Linn.).—Flowers : Apr.-May. Vern. Karvat.

Occurs in the Bombay Presidency on the Mahableshwar hills, where it is abundant on the banks of the river Yenna and in the Chinamen’s gardens below the bund. Deccan : Mahableshwar, GrahamLaw !, Dalzell Cooke !, Woodrow !—Distrib. India (Behar, W. Himalaya, W. Peninsula).

(Attributions- IBIS Flora (Flora of Bombay Presidency))

Lamiaceae herb from MP SN21321: 2 images.
Wild herb in the stream margin.

Any close up image of flower / inflorescence ?

Check with Anisomeles heyneana

I think NOT. Wait for other experts comments.

Any idea about the genus of this Lamiaceae member ?

Please check if Micromeria capitellata Benth. suits this species.

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Thanks, …, for the id. Yes, I agree.



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