Help me to identify this salix sp. From kashmir.: 1 high res. image.

Pl. post complete set of images for id.

Don’t you have other images ?
Where and when were images clicked in Kashmir?

Pl. check with images at Salix babylonica L. as per comparative images at Salix

Is it the same Salix, which you sent in other posts ?


I’d request of this salix sp. From kashmir: 3 high res. images.

Salix caprea I hope

This one is salix caprea

In future please mention exact location, preferably also altitude.

Trying to identify incomplete sets, will generally lead to wrong ids.
So try to post complete sets. You can also very easily resize if required to post many images at a time.
We need to see the habit, leaves, buds, flowers, fruits etc. at a time.

Thank you … When I collect salix sp. It was early spring and only catkins were available.

Pl. show the habit image.

It does not have any distribution in India as per POWO 1 and POWO 2 and as per details at Salix.
Pl. check with Salix disperma Roxb. ex D. Don as per images and details herein.

Is it the same Salix which you sent in other mails ?

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