Steudnera species- India


Please check your Colocasia/Alocasia:
This is to draw your kind attention about the geus Steudnera.
At least one species has similar looking leaves to those of Alocasia – Colocasia plants – Plant illustration

Yes, … …., has drawn attention to this genus.
I think we have two species in India (both from NE India) with specimens in GBIF as per links: Steudnera assamica and Steudnera colocasioides

Thank you Sir, one more – S. griffithii – please check KEW: POWO

Steudnera virosa (Roxb.) Prain-POWO

Colocasia mannii Hook.f. – POWO

GBIF – specimen at
Spadix has similarity with … posts, but leaves???

Steudnera discolor W.Bull ex T.Moore & Mast.- POWO