We have now crossed 4,00,000 messages in efloraofindia:
This is to inform you that we have crossed 4,00,000 messages a few days back on 26.9.21.

Earlier we crossed 3,00,000 messages, in July’2018.
It has taken around three years and two months to have 1,00,000 messages.
It is a great tribute to the vision of our founding members.
Thanks to the The PillarsSubject/ Area ExpertsModeratorsMajor contributors & other members who are rendering selfless service to this group.

Kudos … and all !!! Quite a milestone !!!
It is heartening to find the momentum gaining as eFI moves forward !!

That’s a big achievement. Hope this number keeps climbing…..
Congratulations to all members and contributors!!

That is fantastic news. Congratulations!

Great news! Kudos to …

More messages simply means more data.
We are richer (in data) than earlier versions.
Thanks … for compiling all this useful data and making it available to all interested.

Great achievement …
Thanks to all the contributors.

Great achievement for the contributors.
Congratulations to all.

Congratulation to the members of google group efloraindia, appreciating the team work and … dedication and enthusiasm

Wonderful achievement for efloaofindia, congratulations … and all the contributors…!!

Growing and growing.
Thank you … !

a great achievement, kudos

Great achievement … Congratulations to all members.


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