Jawhar near Nashik, MH :: Small plant for ID :: ARK2021-086: 3 images.
This was clicked at Jawhar near Nashik, MH in July 2021.
There was a suggestion that this is Celosia argentea.
Requested to please ID.

Please check Amaranthus !

I think it looks different from images at Celosia argentea var. argentea
Amaranthus is possible as suggested by …

Leaves are more round at the tips thus much closer to Digera muricata subsp. muricata. Hard to say exact species merely on leaves.

Thanks … for the possible ID. I agree, it is difficult to ID based on only leaves.

Cerosia argentia shows variable leaves, shape and size, especially the lower leaves are much different that the upper leaves. thi is most probably Celosia argentea