Attaching a few images of a  small plant. Images were taken in North Bengal forest.
If my memory serves me correctly, I have seen this plant in Tezpur (Assam) in 2002. Fruits look like bunch of grapes (upright not hanging).
Please identify.

Appears to be some Rubiaceae member?

My guess, Sir, Rauvolfia verticillata, as in –

Looks like Rubiaceae. Please check Chassalia species..

Yes, Sir, it is more probably Chassalia.
But, “Bengal Plants” doesn’t have any. As per Flora of British India (it is spelled as Chasalia), there are –

  1. Psychotria montana (Chasalia montana) – Assam
  2. Chasalia curviflora – Eastern Tropical Himalaya
Does not match with images at Chassalia curviflora var. ophioxyloides
It may be some Psychotria species as per comparative images herein.

Don’t know Sir, “Bengal Plants” has only Psychotria adenophylla Wall., from Chittagong (KHASIA and CACHAR in Fl. Br. Ind.).

Fl. Br. Ind. also includes from the region (Assam, or Nepal or Sikkim or Khasia) –
P. erratica Hook. f.
P. fulva Ham.
P. symplocifolia Kurz.
P. calocarpa Kurz.
P. thomsoni Hook.f.
P. denticulata Wall.
P. silhetensis Hook. f.
P. montana Bl.

Thanks, …, for the id. I agree with you as per images at Psychotria monticola and as per GBIF specimens form our area– onetwo and three.

Thanks, Sir ji, Psychotria was your idea, I wonder how plants propagate, breaking the borders mapped in British India!

This looks different from Psychotria monticola Kurz as per POWO specimens- one and two.
We have to check with other species.

Any probability of the other one, i.e.  Chasalia curviflora?

Looks different from images at Chassalia curviflora var. ophioxyloides
Some Psychotria species or from related genus, only.

Hope you or some other member will find the correct id soon.

I also tried all these species with POWO specimens, but could not find a match.