‘Best Flora Photograph’ Contest to celebrate 15 years of completion of efloraofindia:
We are having a ‘Best Flora Photograph’ Contest among our members to celebrate 15 years of completion of efloraofindia on 17.6.22. We will publish these ourselves on our site and then subsequently it can be circulated in the social media. These will be suitably awarded and published as 1st, 2nd and 3rd by a jury of our eminent members.

Let us post one of our best images by each of the members. It may be based on a difficult situation, a rare plant, a technically sound image, a beauty never to be forgotten, a beauty of joy, a great story telling photograph etc.
Let us keep the subject as “Name of the Photographer: Best Flora Photograph to celebrate 15 years of completion of efloraofindia” only.
Don’t forget to tell the story behind the picture, which makes even an ordinary picture look outstanding.
Last few years’ pictures & story behind them are available at
Flora picture of the year 2013
Hope to receive a lot of responses.

Balkar ji may select from these entries for ‘Wildlife and Nature Photography Exhibition’ on 21-22 May 2022 and get them printed for the exhibition (to further give a boost to the Best Flora Photograph Contest event).

Link for 2012 and 2013 leads to 2015 best flora picture.

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